Move smarter: PEAR Health Labs launches enhanced Aaptiv app with advanced new features

The app’s enhanced new functionality — including SmartCoach, an AI-driven personal trainer that tailors personalized workout plans — helps improve the health and wellness of users

SOLANA BEACH, Calif., May 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PEAR Health Labs, a digital fitness company building smarter health and wellness coaching solutions, today announced the updated release of Aaptiv, its new and improved digital audio and video fitness app that now includes “SmartCoach,” an artificial intelligence-driven personal trainer that creates personalized, adaptable workout plans for every user, tracks progress and captures insights within the app.

“At PEAR, we believe that everyone deserves to move smarter, get healthier and live happier. By injecting AI-powered personal training into our next-generation digital fitness solution, we're making personal training accessible to more people than ever before,” said Bob Allison, founder and CEO of PEAR Health Labs. “Our new SmartCoach feature tailors and continuously adapts workout plans to each user's unique goals, preferences and fitness level, ensuring that anyone can get the ultra-personalized support they need to achieve their health and wellness goals.”

The Aaptiv app delivers personalized health and fitness plans and on-demand audio and video workout classes led by some of the industry’s leading fitness experts. The app’s new features include the following:

  • SmartCoach — Upon download, Aaptiv’s personal trainer asks a series of questions to tailor a hyperpersonalized workout plan for users and then continuously adapts that plan based on post-workout feedback and user inputs, like fitness level, biometric data (optional to pair with leading wearable devices), progress, injury, etc., making staying on track and achieving goals easy. 
  • My Stats — This updated feature — available to users with or without wearable devices — offers a comprehensive analysis based on a user's exercise routine and physical biometric data, providing detailed insights to help better understand how they’re progressing toward their fitness objectives.
  • Heart rate-based workouts — Designed to challenge and inspire users every step of the way, Aaptiv's heart rate-based workouts measure heart rate during the workout and provide on-screen feedback to help users target the appropriate heart rate zone and reach their fitness goals faster and more efficiently.

With more than 13 million downloads and 50,000-plus five-star reviews, the updated offering is available in both the Apple and Google app stores. Aaptiv is also available as an employer, health plan or Medicare benefit, with the added component of the industry’s largest and highest-quality gym network.

The following additional Aaptiv features help individual consumers, employees and insurance plan members to live healthier, happier, more active lives: 

  • Music that pumps you up — With Aaptiv, users can choose to listen to their own music or choose from Aaptiv-curated playlists during their workouts, and the trainer’s voice will play over the music.
  • Unique programs and fun fitness challenges — Users can engage in multiweek programs or fitness challenges geared toward specific goals. Programs and challenges are not personalized, and any user participating in these events typically has the same set of workouts to complete.
  • Community feed — The Aaptiv app allows users from across the country to engage with one another directly in the app via a unique social feed. 
  • Robust fitness coaching content — Aaptiv has more than 8,000 on-demand audio and video workout classes spanning 15 categories, including elliptical, indoor cycling, treadmill, strength training, outdoor running, yoga and more.

For more information about how PEAR Health Labs’ Aaptiv solution provides customized workouts whether users are at home, on the go or in one of many nearby fitness network facilities, please visit

About PEAR Health Labs
PEAR Health Labs is a California-based adaptive digital fitness and wellness coaching company that augments training with technology to build intelligent products and solutions that empower individuals and communities to move smarter. At PEAR, we understand that the correct physical activity can strengthen us, reduce and prevent disease, and improve lives. Built on nearly 30 years of evidence-based research, our hyperpersonalized and adaptive digital coaching experiences are biometrically informed and driven by AI and proven sports science, helping individual consumers, employers and payers, and the public sector live healthier, happier and more active lives. To learn more, please visit



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