NordLayer launches a new and one-of-the-kind Browser Extension

LONDON, May 24, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The NordLayer team is happy to announce that from now on, people can access their business resources via a browser extension. The extension introduces a new way of working for teams operating with hybrid-cloud resources while retaining stable and fast connection speeds and robust security.

The extension, operating within browser limits, is a lightweight option for organizations to use for work and browsing the internet at blazing speeds whilst maintaining the security standard that they are used to when using NordLayer desktop and mobile apps. Moreover, when using Browser Extension, users can access the organization’s different private gateways simultaneously.

“The NordLayer Browser Extension defines a simple, intuitive, and effective security approach developed by NordLayer. This add-on is an alternative solution for enriching existing ways to secure online activities,” says Artūras Bubokas, a product manager at NordLayer.

Easy to set up and log in, the browser extension provides quick access to web-based company resources. Also, the extension solves potential NordLayer application and customer OS compatibility issues while allowing them to use it on their browser alone. By being a lightweight solution and encrypting data only at the browser level, this solution offers reduced internet usage, faster speeds, and improved performance compared to the desktop application.

Compatible with different ways of working
NordLayer’s browser extension is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers, allowing connection to virtual private gateways created by the organization owner, with all network security policies applied.

“It’s a perfect solution for those who have devices without the usual operating systems, like ChromeOS. It brings more flexibility when several different gateways need to be used simultaneously on one device by encrypting data only at the browser level, reducing internet usage, giving faster speeds, and improving performance for locally installed apps. The extension comes as a very handy and quick solution to provide secure internet access in a few clicks,” adds Bubokas.

NordLayer — an adaptive network access security solution for modern businesses. It helps organizations of all sizes to fulfill scaling and integration challenges. Moving towards an ever-evolving SSE ecosystem, NordLayer is quick and easy to implement with existing infrastructure, hardware free, and designed with ease of scale. As a cloud-native solution with an easy-to-use interface, NordLayer offers protection to businesses of any size, complexity, or work model, including remote or hybrid workplaces. More information:

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