Glasses Trends: The Popular Glasses Styles for 2023

NEW YORK, May 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As an emerging glasses brand, Lensmart always keeps an eye on trends in glasses and now come up with its views on glasses 2023 for wearers to find the right pair of glasses.

Is your glasses frame still in style? Whether changing frames or buying your first pair of glasses, it would be fitting to know this year's glasses trend. “As you know, styles change occasionally, so it pays to familiarize what's in and what's not this 2023,” said Jonny Smith, the CMO of Lensmart.

While reading along, you will discover that some of these frame styles are those classic ones people used to wear decades ago. The only difference is that manufacturers are giving these styles a new and fresh look for 2023.

Eyewear trends 2023
Eyeglasses today are not only for prescriptions. Today you can also have them as fashion accessories. There is also this perception that eyeglasses make you look even smarter. Below are some of the glasses trends which you can use this year.

  1. Cat-eye frames. This eyeglass frame is one of the most popular styles in 2023. In fact, the style fits any face shape. As you know, cat-eye glasses are one of the classics which first got famous during the 50s and 60s. Wearing these glasses trend in 2023 gives that contemporary and fresh look. These frames generally have evident angles to accentuate one's facial features.
  2. Round frames. People with angular face shapes can turn to small round eyewear this 2023. This style became famous in the 1960s and continues to be significant today. These glasses trend are ideal for men and women, especially those with higher prescriptions.
  3. Eco-friendly frames. With global warming being a hot topic today, there's also a higher demand for naturally-sourced eyewear. In most cases, you can find frames made of wood like bamboo. Choose the lighter wood color for a more neutral tone.
  4. Metal frames. These frames are generally popular among the younger age group. Those with low prescriptions can use oversized frames with metallic rims for a minimalist illusion. It is the 2023 version of the thick metal frames in the 60s.

Sunglasses trends 2023
People wear sunglasses to shield their eyes from UV rays. However, sunglasses are also part of people's fashion, like eyeglasses. Look closely at some of the most anticipated sunglasses styles 2023 from the list below.

  1. Fun sunglasses. Uniquely-shaped sunglasses could be your go-to frame for beach trips. This glasses trend involves playful styles like infrared cat-eye, floral, and cloud-shaped. They not only exude fun and hip vibes but also give you a touch of Hollywood glamor.
  2. Sporty sunglasses. More and more people are into physical activities to stay fit. This is why this year, your sports sunglasses are trendy in 2023. As you know, the Y2K trend is back this year, so you can opt for these racer-style sunglasses. The wraparounds are also one of the glasses trends in 2023 for cyclists and runners.
  3. Tinted sunglasses. Besides the conventional black tint sunglasses, you can opt for various colors for a more playful and vibrant look. You can try trendy tints, including light brown, yellow, pink, and blue.
  4. Bright-framed sunglasses. Bold and oversized frames with vibrant rim colors are also popular this year. You can perk up your simple outfits with these bright sunnies. Look for classic and flattering frame styles like cat-eye and rounded rectangular sunglasses and combine them with brighter colors on the rim.

The best glasses for 2023
With the many glasses styles and designs for 2023, it will be challenging to choose among them. Of course, most manufacturers would advise you to assess your preferences, face shape, and the purpose of buying a pair. These are a few of the best glasses from glasses brand Lensmart you can take inspiration from this year.

  1. Isla
    Use these colorful eyeglasses frames for a more vibrant look on your overall fit. The Isla frame is for you if you want bright highlights on your prescription eyewear. The rim covers are sturdy enough to hold and protect your lenses. These frames are perfect for summer.
  2. Abyssinia
    The rim of this pair of cat-eye glasses looks durable, so you can wear them daily without worrying about breaking them. The thick cover on the rim is ideal for people with very high prescriptions. This way, the lenses are evenly protected. These Abyssinia frames are lightweight enough not to strain your ears and temples when worn for extended hours.
  3. Imani
    You can achieve that chic and minimalist look with these gold, round, metallic eyeglasses. The thin frame makes you feel like you are not wearing any eyewear. These glasses are even lightweight. Imani eyeglasses are ideal for people with low eye prescriptions. Also, you can use these frames for your everyday fashion.
  4. Lany
    If you want to make a statement, wear geometric frames. The vibrant purple color on the rim and the lenses give you that sophisticated aura as you wear them. The tint is enough to protect your eyes from the sun. They are also oversized sunglasses that can completely cover your eyes while outdoors.
  5. Mateo
    This is a classic round frame design that comes in neutral colors. The frame's yellow-brownish tint is perfect for the outdoors as you enjoy the sun's warmth, especially in summer. The size of the frame is big enough to protect the eyes from any harmful objects. The color of the frame complements any outfit and style.

About Lensmart
Lensmart offers more than just eyewear. Every pair manufactured is unique and functional. This means you can guarantee a more personalized experience as you shop for the best glasses for you this 2023. It provides enough customization options for every customer - from frame colors to tint to the type of lens customers prefer. As a result, you will receive the pair of eyeglasses that are meant for you.

Besides the functionality, Lensmart also updates its collection to cater to the changing glasses trends and customer demand. This gives its customers the luxury to choose from its library's vast array of designs and styles. Most importantly, Lensmart partners with expert manufacturers and designers to create durable and cost-effective eyewear for everyone.

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