London Takes The Spot as The Worlds #1 Destination for Beer Lovers

Visited, the travel app, has shared the top 10 most popular cities for beer lovers

TORONTO, May 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Arriving In High Heels announces Top 10 most popular beer destinations as per Visited App’s international travellers.

Visited is a travel app that allows users to create a map of their travel history and add destinations to their bucket list. The travel map is not only shareable but also allows you to showcase regions and cities you visited or wish to visit in the future.

The newly added travel lists allow users to select from over 150 different categories based on their interest. The app provides personalized travel stats on things like top 10 destinations visited, percentage of the world seen and how close you are to meeting your personal travel goal.

The top 10 most visited beer destinations are based on user selection and include: 

  1. London, United Kingdom – Without a doubt the micro brewers, the famous pubs and its history make London the most popular destination for beer enthusiasts.
  2. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Thanks mostly to its vibrant party scene and its more famous brand the Heineken.
  3. Rome, Italy – Known for its ancient ruins, Rome, has become a booming scene for independent and micro brewers.
  4. Berlin, Germany - For those looking for a beer garden experience, Berlin is a more popular destination in Germany, specifically in the summer months. 
  5. New York, United States - New York offers a range of pubs, clubs and bars for visitors to enjoy both famous brands and craft beers produced by the neighbouring boroughs. 

For the full list of beer destinations found around the world, download the Visited App. Visited app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store

Other Interesting Travel Lists:

  • London is also known for ranking 2nd most visited capital of the world.
  • London’s museums British Museum, National Gallery and Tate Modern all make it to the top 15 most visited museums.
  • For those looking for religious inspiration or architectural gems London’s Westminster Abbey and St. Pauls’ Cathedral both make it to the top 10 most visited Churches in the world.
  • For history buffs, there is no better place to view the Royal Castles than Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Palace of Westminster with all three making it to the top 5 most visited palaces in the world.

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