Blue Biofuels Signs MOU with World Energy Sustainable Products for Offtake of Ethanol and SAF

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, May 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Blue Biofuels, Inc. (OTCQB: BIOF).

Blue Biofuels announces that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with World Energy Sustainable Products, LLC (World Energy) that World Energy will purchase the finished products produced by Blue Biofuels and all their applicable environmental and tax attributes, including ethanol and sustainable aviation fuel. Blue Biofuels will register the various finished products with the relevant regulatory agencies (including the Environmental Protection Agency, California Air Resource Board, and ASTM International) such that the finished products will qualify for use and any available credits. A final definitive agreement is expected to be reached before Blue Biofuels completes the buildout of its semi-commercial facility.

“I feel very pleased with the trust from and cooperation with World Energy Sustainable Products, they have the sales volume to absorb our products and bring them to the market, and they are very interested to further develop the markets for sustainable fuels. As we go along and our volumes and timelines get more final we will start filling in specific products and volumes to be brought to the market through World Energy, “ says CEO Ben Slager.

“We’re happy to support Blue Biofuels’ efforts to bring new innovations to the marketplace,” said Michael Laznik, President of World Energy Sustainable Products. “The need for low-carbon fuels is only growing, and we are committed to being part of the collaboration and innovation necessary to find new and better solutions.”


World Energy is a low-carbon solutions provider focused on helping the world's leading companies make their carbon net-zero commitments real. The company is delivering ever-better solutions at an ever-greater scale to efficiently cut, accurately account, and transparently report carbon emissions reductions in operations based in air and on water, rail, and road. Founded on Earth Day in Boston in 1998, the company has been commercializing, producing, and distributing low-carbon fuels for more than two decades. The company is also on target to build the first and largest production facility of green hydrogen by 2026 in Atlantic Canada.


Blue Biofuels Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) technology is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and renewable green energy system. The CTS process has a near-zero carbon footprint that can convert virtually any plant material – grasses, forestry products, and agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw -- into sugars and lignin. Sugars are subsequently processed into biofuels and lignin may be further processed into a variety of products. The CTS process is a patented and proprietary technology wholly owned by Blue Biofuels.

Blue Biofuels’ management believes that biofuel originating from the Company’s CTS process will be eligible to receive the US EPA’s generous D3 cellulosic Renewable Fuel Credits. The D3 credit is currently around $2.15/gallon of ethanol, which could provide income in addition to that from ethanol or SAF sales. This incentive is offered to all domestic cellulosic fuel producers whose fuel is used in the transportation industry. The Environmental Protection Agency’s current volume targets for cellulosic ethanol are 720 million gallons for 2023, 1.42 billion gallons for 2024, and 2.13 billion gallons for 2025.

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Ben Slager, CEO

Anthony Santelli, CFO

SOURCE: Blue Biofuels, Inc.