Special Webinar Report: How Outdoor Spaces Impact Well-Being

Green Builder Media invites you to learn from an outdoor living industry leader on how the natural landscape benefits human health.

Lake City, Colo., June 01, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building a stronger connection with nature is critical for humans to maintain health and well-being. More than ever, outdoor spaces are playing an important role in building links with nature through applications from public boardwalks and healing gardens to residential decks and outdoor living areas. 

This webinar, "The Impact of Outdoor Spaces on Well-Being and Sustainable Living," presented by Leslie Adkins, Vice President of Marketing and ESG Development at Trex Company, will address the benefits of outdoor settings to human beings and also offer tips and ideas for creating an eco-friendly outdoor living space that brings a home in harmony with nature.

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The webinar will: 

  • Explain the importance and benefits of nature and outdoor settings to human beings, in terms of mental and physical health, including 
  • Discuss the concept of public and residential outdoor spaces and how they can be used in harmony with nature.
  • Identify how decking can play a role in increasing the positive impact of outdoor spaces.
  • Share aspirational outdoor spaces photos that are easy to create.  

“Back yards are sanctuaries that allow us to get our feet under us, as we process the stress of contagious illnesses, 'doomscrolling' the news, and worsening climate extremes,” says Green Builder magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Power. “Simply setting foot in nature, even a small slice of the outdoors, reduces our stress. Add in the beauty of purposeful, sustainable selections, our backyards offer the right medicine—the natural healing we need to find our balance in modern life.” 

Adkins will include highlights from Power’s recent ebook on the topic, as well as additional sources, in presenting new ways to look at how we interact with the outdoors. 

Click here to reserve your spot at this webinar. Contact Cati O’Keefe at cati.okeefe@greenbuildermedia.com for interviews or more information. 

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Leslie Adkins, Vice President of Marketing and ESG Development, Trex Company

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