Kramer-Triad Management Group Plants Wildflowers To Benefit Environment And Beautify Community

TROY, Mich., June 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kramer-Triad Management Group (KT) a leading provider of community management services throughout the greater Ann Arbor, Detroit, and Grand Rapids areas, recently held a team-building event to plant wildflowers and promote continued growth of the region’s bee population. Team members planted wildflower seeds in plastic cups that were later replanted outdoors to help the environment maintain a habitat conducive to bee pollination. Pollination is the process of transferring tiny grains of pollen from plant to plant, helping flowers grow.

Wildflowers are a little-known but important part of the ecosystem that benefits agricultural production. Although considered a nuisance by many, bees are a key source of pollination from which approximately one-third of the nation’s crops benefit. Their pollination of wildflowers attracts beneficial insects such hoverflies and ladybugs that naturally help control harmful pests, which can destroy entire crops of trees, fruits and vegetables if left unchecked. In turn, this helps reduce the need for chemical pesticides that can be harmful to humans.

The event was part of Associa’s Great Giveback, an annual company-wide event where team members receive paid time off to volunteer with a deserving organization in their region. The goal is to reinforce the company’s commitment to supporting neighborhoods and building stronger relationships in the communities it serves. Other organizations where Associa team members have volunteered include the Humane Society, Meals-on-Wheels, and Ronald McDonald House.

“This was a fun team-building exercise for our office,” said Kramer-Triad Branch President Rachel DeTar, AMS®, CMCA®. “In addition to wildflowers playing a surprisingly important role in our environment, they help provide a pleasant, natural look to the communities we serve.”

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Kramer-Triad Management Group Plants Wildflowers To Help Environment.

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