RevSure.AI Closes $10 Million Seed Round Co-Led by Neotribe Ventures & Innovation Endeavors

$6M Expansion will Help RevSure Build Next-Gen-AI-Fueled Pipeline Acceleration Solution for B2B Companies

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RevSure, the AI-fueled Pipeline Acceleration company that provides unprecedented insight into pipeline health and how to prioritize marketing and sales investments, today announced it has expanded its seed funding to $10M with an additional $6M round. Neotribe Ventures and Innovation Endeavors co-led the seed round, with participation from Operator Collective and Correlation Ventures. Neotribe Partner Alex Salazar, who is the former founder and CEO of Stormpath (acquired by Okta), will join RevSure’s board of directors.

Today’s marketing leaders are under a tremendous amount of pressure during a stressful time of economic uncertainty. Scrutiny on predictable revenue growth and pipeline health has intensified and marketing teams are increasingly measured on their pipeline influence. Marketing teams are being asked to do more with less, but recent research found that 66% of marketing leaders don’t know where funnel leakage and conversion bottlenecks are happening in their pipelines, and 71% say they lack confidence in their ability to convert leads into sales.

RevSure has helped customers like BigID, Zeotap, and SnapLogic simply and accurately predict, generate, and accelerate their pipelines. Real-time, AI-powered insights identify bottlenecks and offer recommendations on where to prioritize efforts to maximize ROI, providing leaders with pipeline clarity unlike what they’ve ever had before.

"RevSure uncovers what’s happening in the marketing and sales funnel so companies know exactly what’s working, how much leakage is occurring, and where to focus resources to win more deals,” said Alex Salazar, Partner at Neotribe Ventures. "We're thrilled to be leading the expansion of RevSure's seed round as their ability to accurately predict pipeline value from all the leads marketing generates is creating an opportunity for them to become the de facto system of engagement for demand gen teams."

The additional funding will allow RevSure to continue its mission of advancing the effectiveness of pipeline generation for B2B companies. Its key priorities are to deepen investments in product, engineering, and AI technology and resources, further scale customer acquisition, and double down on the company’s go-to-market strategy.

“Since its launch less than a year ago, we have been continuously impressed with RevSure’s team and its strong execution,” said Harpinder “Harpi” Singh, Partner at Innovation Endeavors. “RevSure’s strong engagement metrics indicate that it is becoming a must-have tool for CMOs and their marketing teams for predictive pipeline visibility.”

“The question that is top of mind for every marketing leader right now is: ‘Am I meeting my pipeline generation goals, and if not, what should I do about it?’ What sets RevSure apart is the unique combination of data normalization and predictive AI that allows CMOs and their teams to answer those questions faster than ever using a simple, action-oriented user interface,” said Haley Daiber Brannan, Investing Partner at Operator Collective. “It’s working, and the growing customer love RevSure has earned in such a short time speaks for itself.”

“Pipeline health needs to be on every go-to-market leader’s, CEO’s, and Board’s agenda - it’s the missing link in driving predictable & profitable revenue growth which is critical in the current economic climate,” said Deepinder Singh Dhingra, founder and CEO of RevSure. “Adding AI-based predictive insights into pipeline effectiveness and health will allow companies to focus on predictability for outcomes, acceleration to revenue and effectiveness or quality and efficiency.”

About RevSure
RevSure.AI is the AI-fueled pipeline acceleration company that provides companies with unprecedented insight into pipeline generation health and how to prioritize marketing investments. The US-India cross-border venture-backed company, with its predictive pipeline intelligence solution, is committed to reducing the uncertainty around revenue funnel conversations for B2B companies and helping them boost qualified opportunities in their pipeline. Unlike existing revenue intelligence solutions where pipeline generation is an afterthought, RevSure.AI provides a trusted, first-of-its-kind solution that gives B2B companies predictive insights into their pipeline generation activities and what it takes to hit their numbers. Founded in 2021, RevSure.AI’s investors include Neotribe Ventures, Innovation Endeavors, Operator Collective, and several angel investors. For more information about RevSure visit

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