NBME Self-Assessments Enhanced Through New Insights Tool

NBME Self-Assessment Insights Advances Efforts to Better Support Medical Students Through a More Comprehensive Picture of Performance

PHILADELPHIA, June 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In response to medical students’ requests to interact with their NBME® Self-Assessments performance data in a more meaningful and customizable way, NBME has created the new NBME Self-Assessment Insights tool.  

NBME Self-Assessments are practice tests for the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) and NBME Clinical Science Subject Exams. They allow medical students to learn more than their score through in-depth answer explanations, which can help to reinforce their knowledge. NBME Self-Assessment Insights aims to further enhance students’ experience through empowering their performance with expanded insights.  

“I have overseen the development of NBME Self-Assessments for several years,” Jennifer Wise, NBME Senior Manager, Product Management, said. “This update allows medical students to see where they are and prepare for where they want to be. I’m excited to see the impact that Self-Assessment Insights will have on students’ study efforts as we continue to find ways to better support them.” 

NBME Self-Assessment Insights is an interactive dashboard that enables users to view, filter, and sort results across NBME Self-Assessments, as well as easily access their score reports. The tool provides a way to review question details and rationales from each self-assessment using customizable features. Students can dig deeper than their score with improved question review options, including specific content topics, time spent per question, and more. When multiple forms of the same assessment are taken, Self-Assessment Insights provides all results and answer explanations in one place, demonstrating overall trends and content area performance over time.  

“Self-Assessment Insights is an exciting new capability in which students can evaluate their performance across multiple self-assessments to enhance their learning,” Michael Jodoin, NBME Senior Vice President, Customer and Portfolio Management, said. “A student can readily see the content areas where they already excel and identify those content areas where more learning may be needed to meet their goals.” 

NBME Self-Assessment Insights allows for a deeper picture of assessment performance. By presenting multiple points of data and outcomes, this resource begins to show viewpoints beyond any single outcome. A more comprehensive view of a student’s results can provide a greater perspective of their knowledge in comparison to others, as well as a broader understanding of their progress over time.   
Future plans entail expanding Self-Assessment Insights to also include results from NBME Subject Exams, followed by exams administered through Customized Assessment Services. In the interim, NBME will keep self-assessment users informed of timelines and will actively seek feedback to ensure the tool continues to meet their needs.

Learn more about Self-Assessment Insights on NBME.org.

NBME looks forward to continued collaboration with the medical education community on opportunities to help learners grow through a more comprehensive picture of assessment performance. 

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