"Transforming Customer Experience: How IF P&C Insurance Utilized Gamified Simulation Training to Build Stronger Client Relationships"

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building long-term relationships with customers relies on brilliant training, and IF found the impact they were looking for with Attensi’s gamified simulations.

Customer experience means everything in insurance. A business only survives and thrives if it inspires deep trust with its clients. After all, buying insurance is different from choosing other consumer products. It is a purchase where the buyer seeks peace of mind, long-term security for their family, and life-long protection for their loved ones and their biggest assets. Buying insurance is potentially the start of a relationship with a brand that can last a lifetime.

This means that the interaction between the firm’s representatives and the customer are critical – especially in the first call or encounter when impressions are formed. The entire commercial health of the company rests on getting those conversations just right. That’s why IF P&C Insurance - serving 3.8m people in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - set out to transform their training to sharpen the skills of its public-facing staff. They chose Attensi gamified simulation training and performance platform for the strategically-vital job.

IF’s aim is to make sure every customer receives the perfect package of products to suit them and their family. It’s not always easy to find the right blend of policies right away – it takes careful listening and tactful conversations to discover what best suits the caller’s unique circumstances. Those kinds of personal skills are best-suited to gamified training, because the learner can work though realistic scenarios over and over using avatars and realistic 3D simulations, in a safe, risk-free environment away from the stress of actual calls.

It helps the employee learn how to ensure customers get the best advice, which is vital for the long-term relationship with the customer. The staff member knows which cover best matches the client’s requirements. It won’t sell any product they don’t need.

One of the priorities for the training was ensuring that advisers remember that most callers ask specifically about home or motor insurance. Often they neglect personal insurance, which can leave them exposed to the risk of loss or financial difficulty if they or a family member suffers some kind of harmful event or accident. The gamified learning focuses on finding out potential gaps in the customer’s insurance – and offering options for providing a comforting blanket of cover, while avoiding potentially unethical and brand-damaging hard selling.

IF and Attensi co-created 10 playable modules which accurately reflected true-to-life customer engagements. Attensi’s designers and project team worked alongside IF colleagues to fully understand the range of questions and challenges customer advisors might encounter. That helped ensure that the modules capture the reality of an advisor’s day-to-day experience.

The scenarios cover an array of inquiries, where the advisor could learn how to understand the best blend of products to suit that caller. They learn the skills to find out how the caller might manage if certain events happened in their life – including illness, unemployment, or unexpected major household expenses. The games included examples of calculations explaining what the person might lose if they didn’t have appropriate cover.

The modules highlight three of the most common insurance queries: a young adult buying their first home, a mother with two children needing travel insurance, and a retiree asking about boat insurance. They also included questions on specific policies, which helps employees gain mastery of the entire range so they become expert in IF’s products. In the spirit of preparing for the worst and aiming for the best outcome, the training also features a ‘nightmare module’, where everything on a call goes wrong. It highlights just how sensitive these conversations are, and how it’s important to be perfectly-prepared for all events, so even the trickiest calls can be answered effectively and sympathetically. It’s a powerful motivating force in getting it right

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Image illustrating IF P&C Insurance's collaboration with Attensi for gamified simulation training