Onebright and Attensi Power-Up Employee Mental Health Training with Gaming-Inspired Approach

BOSTON, June 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Onebright, a leading mental healthcare company, has partnered with Attensi, a training and performance platform, to revolutionize employee mental health training. Together, they have created an inclusive and engaging training platform that will empower thousands of employees to improve their mental well-being in the workplace.

Onebright works with businesses across the UK to deliver workplace mental healthcare, including defining and implementing comprehensive mental health strategies and policies, delivering evidence-based therapy, and providing a vast range of training to help businesses better understand mental health and their workforce requirements.

Attensi's training and performance platform, which combines psychology, technology, and game-based learning principles, perfectly complements Onebright's expertise in mental healthcare. The result is an innovative training solution that equips individuals and organizations with the tools they need to address mental health challenges in the workplace.

"We believe that companies can make a positive difference in their culture, output, and productivity by prioritizing mental health," said Clare Price, Director of Clinical Services at Onebright. "Implementing effective mental health training is not only the right thing to do, but it also brings financial benefits."

The impact of poor mental well-being on productivity is significant. In the UK alone, over £28 billion has been lost as a result of poor mental wellbeing in employees. By providing managers and team leaders with the knowledge and skills to support their employees effectively, Onebright and Attensi are facilitating a cultural shift towards mental health awareness and support.

Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals with mental health and neurodiverse conditions, Onebright and Attensi have developed training solutions that are person-centered and true to life. To ensure inclusivity, the organizations consulted individuals with lived experiences of anxiety, depression, ASD, and ADHD. This collaborative approach ensures that no one is excluded from benefiting from the training.

Attensi's VR simulation technology plays a crucial role in creating a safe space for employees to learn and make mistakes without fear. By engaging with simulated characters in a mobile app, employees can practice and refine their responses to individuals in need of mental health support. This unique training method builds confidence and skills, bridging the gap between theory and real-life situations.

"Diversity, inclusion, and accessibility are at the core of our training solutions," emphasized Clare Price. "Our partnership with Attensi challenges myths and ensures that everyone can thrive in the workplace."

Hannah Raymond-Cox, Attensi's Simulation Designer, added, "We wanted to provide a realistic experience of supporting others, empowering employees to become confident and competent in their abilities. Our layered learning approach sets us apart from other solutions."

The collaboration between Onebright and Attensi marks a breakthrough in employee mental health training, offering organizations the opportunity to create exceptional workplace environments. By investing in mental health education and support, companies can improve well-being, productivity, and overall business outcomes.

About Attensi:

Attensi is the world’s leading provider of high impact gamified training – the most effective way to upskill your people with significant improvements in your KPIs. Engage your staff with immersive 3D training, powered by the best insights from human psychology, learning, and gaming.

Whether on mobile, desktop, or VR, empower your people to master new skills with training they will want to complete and repeat. Recreate their working environments with immersive 3D graphics, realistic scenarios, and interactive dialogues with voice-acted avatars to test their knowledge. All in a safe, learning-by-doing environment.

Attensi has delivered gamified simulation training in over 150 countries and more than 50 languages. Our customers include Microsoft, Equinor, Circle K, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, NHS, Accenture, Wagamama’s, Hiscox, Scatec Solar and many more. Attensi is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with offices in London, Köln, Boston and Palo Alto.

About Onebright

Onebright supports UK businesses to deliver a continuum of mental healthcare for individuals. Combining evidence-based therapies, a world-class clinical network and cutting-edge technology, to support more than 44,000 people per year and counting more than 200 businesses as clients.

The healthcare provider uses data and insights to help businesses make informed decisions and best support employee mental health now and in the future. Defining and implementing comprehensive mental health strategies, training and e-learning, to provide integrated healthcare for a brighter tomorrow.

Onebright also works with employee assistance programmes, private medical insurance providers and occupational health to help individuals. Onebright leads with integrity and compassion and is there to support clients every step of the way.

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 partnership between Onebright and Attensi, highlighting their innovative training platform for employee mental health improvement in the workplace.