Global Immuno-Oncology Thematic Intelligence Report 2023: Focus on Trends in Bispecific Antibodies, Cancer Vaccines, Cell Therapies, Checkpoint Modulators, Cytokines, & Oncolytic Viruses

Dublin, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Immuno-Oncology - Thematic Intelligence" report has been added to's offering.

This report includes coverage of immuno-oncology overview, trends, value chain, leading marketed and pipeline products, market analysis, regulatory landscape and market access, opportunities, challenges, and unmet needs, commercial assessment - major current and future players in the immuno-oncology field.

The field of immuno-oncology (IO) is consolidating its presence in most major types of cancer. Checkpoint modulation to remain the most valuable IO sector. 2022-23 has seen some IO success, but no major IO breakthrough has happened. Personalized treatment using biomarkers, therapeutic options for checkpoint refractory patients, and the high cost of therapy remain as unmet needs.

Key Highlights

  • Forecast includes 8 countries
  • Forecast covers 2022-2028
  • Seven markets are extrapolated, obtaining a 15-market value for all GBM therapeutics


  • This report includes disease epidemiology, a 10-year patient-based forecast for marketed and pipeline therapies with established mechanisms of action and cell & gene therapies by class, including early- to late clinical stage pipeline products with launch date assessment by 8MM market

Reasons to Buy

  • Obtain immuno-oncology market assessment and forecast across multiple regions
  • Gain insight into promising early stage approaches

Our indication specific forecast models answer questions such as:

  • What is the target patient pool for cell & gene therapies in each cancer indication?
  • Which patient groups are more likely to receive these therapies?
  • What does the cell & gene therapy clinical stage pipeline look like in each cancer indication
  • What is the anticipated breakdown between autologous and allogeneic cell therapies?
  • When will cell & gene therapies launch in each market?
  • What is the total market value projected for the forecast end, in 2031?

Key Topics Covered:

1. Preface
1.1. Contents
1.2. Abbreviations
1.3. Related Reports

2. Executive Summary

3. Immuno-Oncology Overview
3.1. What is IO?
3.2. What is Immuno-oncology According to Regulators?
3.3. Most Important Milestones of Immuno-oncology Development Globally
3.4. Key Twitter Chat

4. Trends
4.1. Industry Trends - Bispecific Antibodies
4.2. Industry Trends - Cancer Vaccines
4.3. Industry Trends - Cell Therapies
4.4. Industry Trends - Checkpoint Modulators
4.5. Industry Trends - Cytokines
4.6. Industry Trends - Oncolytic Viruses
4.7. Regulatory Trends

5. Value Chain
5.1 Immuno-oncology Value Chain
5.2 Bispecific Antibodies
5.3 Cancer Vaccines
5.4 Cell Therapies
5.5 Checkpoint Modulators
5.6 Next-generation Cytokines
5.7 Oncolytic Viruses
5.8 Immuno-oncology in Clinical Trials

6. Marketed Products
6.1. Immuno-Oncology Marketed Products in the 8MM
6.2. Total Market Size for IO Agents
6.3. 10 Highest-Grossing IO Treatments in 2022
6.4. Leading Checkpoint Modulators in the 8MM
6.5. Leading BiTEs in the 8MM
6.6. Leading Cancer Vaccines and Oncolytic Viruses in the 8MM
6.7. Leading Cell Therapies in the 8MM

7. Pipeline Products
7.1. IO Pipeline Products in the 8MM
7.2. Future Outlook of IO Agents, According to High-Prescribing Physicians
7.3. Consensus Forecast Sales for the Top Three Pipeline Candidates
7.4. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Bispecific Antibody Products
7.5. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Vaccine Products
7.6. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Cell Therapy Products
7.7. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Checkpoint Modulator Products
7.8. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Cytokine Products
7.9. The Forecast Highest-Grossing Oncolytic Virus Products

8. Market Analysis
8.1. Market Analysis and Forecast of the Six Classes of IO Agents
8.2. Top 10 Strategic Partnership Deals of the Last Decade by Size in the IO Space
8.3. Latest Strategic Partnership Deals in the IO Space
8.4. Top 10 Mergers and Acquisitions that Include IO Assets: 2018-2023
8.5. Latest Mergers and Acquisitions that Include IO Assets

9. Regulatory and Market Access
9.1. IO in Clinical Trials
9.2. Endpoints in IO Clinical Trials - KOL Perspective
9.3. Challenges in IO Clinical Trials - KOL Perspective
9.4. Regulatory and Market Access - US
9.5. Regulatory and Market Access - EU
9.6. Regulatory and Market Access - Japan
9.7. Regulatory and Market Access - China
9.8. Early Access Schemes
9.9. Barriers to Access According to High Prescribers

10. Opportunities, Challenges, and Unmet Needs
10.1. Bispecific Antibodies
10.2. Cancer Vaccines
10.3. Cell Therapies
10.4. Checkpoint Modulators
10.5. Cytokines
10.6. Oncolytic Viruses
10.7. Clinical Unmet Needs in IO - Gap Analysis
10.8. Commercial Unmet Needs in Immuno-oncology - Gap Analysis
10.9. Unmet Needs - KOL Perspective
10.10 . Unmet Needs According to High Prescribers
10.11 R&D Strategies
10.12 Opportunities for the Industry - Modern Approaches & Collaboration
10.13 Closing Remarks - In Their Words

11. Companies
11.1. Drug Development Scorecard
11.2. Current Major Players - Novartis
11.3. Current Major Players - Merck & Co.
11.4. Current Major Players - Gilead Sciences
11.5. Current Major Players - Roche
11.6. Current Major Players - BMS
11.7. Current Major Players - AstraZeneca
11.8. Current Major Players - Sanofi
11.9. Current Major Players - Amgen
11.10. Current Major Players - Dendreon Pharmaceuticals
11.11. Current Major Players - Legend Biotech
11.12. Current Major Players - Johnson & Johnson
11.13. Current Major Players - Daiichi-Sankyo
11.14. Current Major Players - Kite
11.15. Current Major Players - Regeneron
11.16. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Genmab
11.17. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Iovance Therapeutics
11.18. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Replimune
11.19. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - VBI Vaccines
11.20. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Jounce Therapeutics
11.21. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Oncosec
11.22. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Abbvie
11.23. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - BioNTech
11.24. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Greenwich LifeSciences
11.25. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - CRISPR Therapeutics
11.26. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Allogene Therapeutics
11.27. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Xilio Therapeutics
11.28. Future Players Based on Pipeline Strength - Candel Therapeutics

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