Tutors International Commences Search for Specialist Tutor/Mentor for Student in Vienna

Elite residential private tutoring specialist, Tutors International, announces its latest tutoring job vacancy for an exceptionally flexible, well-rounded private tutor and mentor with experience in teaching the IB curriculum for a bright young lady of 17 in Vienna.

OXFORD, UK: Tutors International is a world leader in full-time private tuition. They specialise in sourcing the perfect tutor for each of their clients by conducting a completely personalised global recruitment process that accommodates the exact requirements of each client. This ensures that Tutors International finds not only

a world-class tutor but one who perfectly aligns with the lifestyle, attitudes, values and ideas of each family and their child(ren).

Tutors International has recently launched the custom recruitment process for their latest tutoring job (ref: VIE 0523). They are searching for an exceptionally flexible, well-rounded private tutor and mentor with experience in teaching the IB curriculum for a bright young lady of 17 in Vienna.

Commencing in September 2023, The tutor will deliver and support instruction in four of the student's six chosen subjects, namely maths applications and interpretation SL, biology SL, geography HL, and economics HL. Candidates with experience teaching the IB curriculum are strongly preferred. This unique, life-enriching opportunity will commence in September 2023 and continue until the student graduates in May 2024.

Adam Caller, Founder of Tutors International, shared his thoughts on this unique role: "At Tutors International, we uphold a tradition of excellence, partnering with some of the most prestigious educational institutions globally. Meeting all of the stated criteria is an absolute necessity for this position. The chosen candidate must embody our shared values of adaptability, integrity, and academic rigour. It's a highly specified role, but for the right individual - one who meets these demands - the rewards are exceptional, both professionally and personally."


The 17-year-old student is a bright, witty, and confident individual. Her academic prowess is well-rounded, and she demonstrates particular strength in analytical and critical thinking. She enjoys teachers who encourage in-depth discussions and promote structured learning approaches.

A passionate equestrian, she has experience balancing rigorous athletic commitments with academic requirements. Despite reduced competition frequency, she loves horse riding, often training her younger sister. With aspirations to own a business, she is keenly interested in finance and economics.

This young German lady, the third of six siblings, comes from a supportive family that highly values education. Following their relocation to Vienna, she has re-engaged with the IB system after a stint of online schooling due to her equestrian commitments and the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Tutor will be joining a family well acquainted with TI Tutors and their respective teaching ethics. Moreover, the student has already experienced the benefit of additional support following time-demanding competitions and equestrian training. The Tutor will enhance subject material and teaching strategies to ensure the student continues to aim high and reach her full potential.

The Tutor will need to be highly flexible, and their role will extend beyond the classroom, encompassing the role of a positive, well-mannered role model and mentor and offering inspiring teaching and endless learning opportunities, regardless of location, timing or subject.

In fact, the Tutor will be a strong ambassador for the IB Diploma Programme and 21st-century learning, promoting independent, driven individuals who are in control of their learning and goals. Under the most effective management, such education should provide a healthy balance of interactive, media-rich educational opportunities, strong academic foundations, and a student-centred dynamic. A proven track record and experience in teaching the IB syllabus in the required subjects would greatly benefit the role. The Tutor will respect the programme's core values, providing imaginative opportunities for innovation, achievement, collaboration, and unrivalled flexibility.


The Tutor will be required to work approximately 35 contact hours per week, with preparation time in addition. The timetable will be fully malleable and flexible around the student's equestrian pursuits. Teaching will follow remote learning courses, with the valuable addition of the Tutor’s tailor-made material to extend the online classroom.

The Tutor is entitled to an average of two consecutive days off per week, which inevitably will not always fall on weekends, depending on the young lady's commitments as a dressage rider. The Client will strive to provide up to two weeks’ notice of non-school-day changes.

The Client will provide private, furnished accommodation in Vienna.

A car will be provided if needed for reasonable local use but with the excellent Vienna public transport it is not likely to be needed much. The Client will be responsible for all accommodation bills except for the Tutor’s personal phone bill.


In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle and as a non-smoker, it would be highly advantageous for the Tutor to share an equestrian hobby or affiliation to another similar sporting pastime, or at least a deep appreciation of the outdoors.


  • ●  Start: September 2023
  • ●  Duration: 9 months
  • ●  Hours: approximately 35 hours per week
  • ●  Salary: €216,000 EUR per annum (€24,000 EUR per month for 9 months)
  • ●  Accommodation: Provided
  • ●  Car: Available if required
  • ●  Vacation: minimum 34 days (over 9 months)
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