VOSKER Launches New Mobile Application for Remote Security Solutions

Montreal, Canada, June 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Montreal, Canada - VOSKER, a leading provider of remote security solutions, has announced the launch of a new version of its mobile application, developed to enhance the user experience with a more fluid, streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly design.  The mobile application enables simplified activation, intuitive navigation, and immediate notifications and viewing of your security detections.  It provides users instant access to their photos, videos, and live streams stored on the VOSKER Cloud.   

The new VOSKER mobile application is an all-in-one security solution that enables users to monitor their assets from anywhere, even without access to Wi-Fi or electricity.   

Its multi-camera access and new home page view enable users to see the latest activity from all their cameras in one view, so they can quickly identify any potential security threats or unusual activities. Users will see their photo alerts and can request HD videos, as well as select live streaming for immediate viewing.  The updated version offers additional features, such as an integrated gallery making it easier for users to monitor their assets across multiple cameras. 

"We understand the importance of providing our customers immediate and intelligent access to their remote cameras through the mobile application, facilitating their security anywhere, anytime. ," said Thomas Fehr, Senior Product Director, Product and Technology at VOSKER. "Customers can manage all their cameras from multiple vantage points and display them simultaneously in an integrated gallery.  They will receive instant notifications on their mobile phone integrated into the home page view, which is user definable so cameras of interest can be grouped together" he adds. 

The new VOSKER mobile application includes VOSKER SENSE AI image recognition.  VOSKER SENSE is a technology that helps our users to receive the alerts they need by identifying human, vehicle, and animal activity in the monitored area.   

About VOSKER: 
VOSKER is a company from Montreal that develops and manufactures cellular-based security systems for remote surveillance applications. Founded in 2018, VOSKER is committed to providing innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions that enable its customers to protect their assets and monitor their environments from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit www.vosker.com. 


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