Eightco’s Forever 8 and Partner Mobi-hub Celebrate Successful Joint Venture at ITC Malta 2023

SAFETY HARBOR, Florida, June 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Eightco Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: OCTO) (“Eightco” or the “Company”), a leader in the e-commerce inventory solutions space, is pleased to announce the successful launch of Mobi-hub Funding (“Mobi-hub Funding”), the joint venture between Forever 8 Fund, LLC (“Forever 8”), a subsidiary of Eightco, and Mobi-hub Ltd. (“Mobi-hub”), at the prestigious ITC 2023 Malta. This event, which is known as the EU's leading used and refurbished mobile phone and electronics conference, was the launch platform for showcasing each of Forever 8 and Mobi-hub’s innovative solutions and expanding the client base for these two players in the mobile phone and electronics industry.

As part of their participation at ITC Malta 2023, Mobi-hub Funding hosted an exclusive, private event that brought together industry leaders, partners and prospective clients. This gathering served as a networking opportunity, creating valuable connections and cultivating future business relationships. The evening was filled with lively discussions, insightful presentations and a glimpse into the future of mobile phone and electronics financing.

Forever 8 and Mobi-hub had a booth display at the convention which attracted a steady stream of visitors throughout the event. The booth gave attendees a comprehensive understanding of Mobi-hub Funding's cutting-edge inventory funding and logistics management solutions. Mobi-hub Funding’s team of experts engaged with delegates, demonstrating the advantages of their services, and showcased their commitment to driving success in the industry.

As a title sponsor of ITC Malta 2023, Mobi-hub Funding demonstrated its dedication to revolutionizing the mobile phone and electronics market by offering tailored financial solutions to businesses across the globe. Mobi-hub Funding’s comprehensive funding programs will enable clients to optimize their inventory management, expand their reach and unlock new growth opportunities. By partnering with Forever 8, a recognized leader in the industry, Mobi-hub reinforced its commitment to delivering excellence and innovation.

"We are delighted with the success of our joint venture debut, Mobi-hub Funding, at ITC Malta 2023," said Paul Vassilakos, President of Forever 8. "Our presence at the convention allowed us to showcase our innovative financing and logistics management solutions to a global audience. We were able to engage with key industry players, establish valuable connections and build a strong foundation for future partnerships. We believe that this event has undoubtedly propelled us closer to our vision of transforming the mobile phone and electronics market."

About Eightco

Eightco is committed to growth focused around its existing subsidiaries, Forever 8, an inventory management platform for e-commerce sellers, and Ferguson Containers, a provider of complete manufacturing and logistical solutions for product and packaging needs, through strategic management and investment. In addition, the company is actively seeking new opportunities to add to its portfolio of technology solutions focused on the e-commerce ecosystem through strategic acquisitions. Through a combination of innovative strategies and focused execution, Eightco aims to create significant value and growth for its portfolio companies and shareholders.

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About Forever 8

Forever 8 is a leading provider of cash-flow management solutions and standardized information for small to medium-sized businesses. Our innovative platform addresses the challenges faced by e-commerce sellers in managing inventory capital, offering flexible and scalable tools. By eliminating the need for personal guarantees and fixed amortization schedules, we empower businesses to optimize their cash-flow process. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, we have assisted numerous clients in effectively managing their cash flow and unlocking their growth potential.

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