ITM to Host Theranostics Symposium on Clinical Need and Supply at SNMMI Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 25, 2023

Garching / Munich, June 15, 2023 – ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE (ITM), a leading radiopharmaceutical biotech company, today announced that it will host a multidisciplinary symposium titled, “Investing in the Future of Theranostics: Aligning Supply to Clinical Need,” at the Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) Therapeutics Conference, held from June 24-27 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The symposium will take place on June 25, from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm CST in McCormick Place, Lakeside Center, Room E450b.

Moderated by Roger Estafanos, U.S. General Manager at ITM, the panel will feature three expert speakers spanning different disciplines within the field: Harshad Kulkarni, MD, Chief Medical Advisor at Bold Advanced Medical Future (BAMF) Health; Neil Quigley, M.Sc., Global Product Manager at ITM; and Ram Mullur, M.Sc., MB, Vice President of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories.

“Particularly as the demand for radiopharmaceuticals continues to grow, we value the opportunity to bring together and share this panel’s expertise and unique insights into the clinical, scientific, and production aspects of theranostics,” commented Steffen Schuster, CEO of ITM. “We look forward to facilitating important discussions through our event at the SNMMI, a conference that brings together leading nuclear medicine specialists under the shared goal of improving care and outcomes for patients worldwide.”

Symposium & Speaker Details:
The symposium will examine the current landscape and promising future of theranostics from three distinct but equally important vantage points: that of the clinician, the radiochemist, and the manufacturer. Understanding the interdependencies of these stakeholders will help ensure the value of this critical modality for patients now and well into the future.

Chair: Mr. Roger Estafanos, U.S. General Manager of ITM, Princeton, New Jersey
Mr. Estafanos is experienced in both the radiopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries and was one of the first leaders of the US division of Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA), a Novartis company.

The Clinical Perspective: Current and Future Utilization of Theranostics
Dr. Harshad Kulkarni reviews BAMF’s advanced technology and precision medicine platform, the importance of lutetium and gallium in current practice, his experience with the actinium-225 and insights to the future of the theranostic landscape.

Dr. Kulkarni is Chief Medical Advisor of BAMF Health’s flagship facility in Grand Rapids and previously served as attending physician in charge of Radiomolecular Theranostics in the Theranostics Center for Molecular Radiotherapy and Precision Oncology at Zentralklinik Bad Berka, Germany.

The Radiochemical Perspective: Synergy Between Lutetium-177 & Actinium-225
Mr. Neil Quigley discusses the current mass scale availability of lutetium-177, potential promises and challenges of actinium-225 production routes, and addresses the actinium-225 decay chain with an emphasis on dose contribution.

Mr. Quigley, M.Sc. is Global Product Manager at ITM, Munich and the 2022 recipient of the George-von-Hevesy Prize awarded by the German Society of Nuclear Medicine for outstanding work in the field of radiochemistry.

The Technology Perspective: Commercial Availability of Actinium-225
Mr. Ram Mullur examines various aspects of actinium-225 ranging from its current annual global production to the growing demand for its research and clinical use, challenges related to the scale-up of production to meet industry needs, and CNL’s role in its development.

Mr. Mullur, M.Sc., MBA is V.P. of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, an accomplished executive with more than 25 years of broad industry experience and currently focused on further developing CNL’s actinium-225 program.

About Targeted Radionuclide Therapy
Targeted Radionuclide Therapy is an emerging class of cancer therapeutics, which seeks to deliver radiation directly to the tumor while minimizing radiation exposure to normal tissue. Targeted radiopharmaceuticals are created by linking a therapeutic radioisotope to a targeting molecule (e.g., peptide, antibody, small molecule) that can precisely recognize tumor cells and bind to tumor-specific characteristics, like receptors on the tumor cell surface. As a result, the radioisotope accumulates at the tumor site and decays, releasing a small amount of ionizing radiation, with the goal of destroying tumor tissue. The precise localization enables targeted treatment with potentially minimal impact to healthy surrounding tissue.

ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE
ITM, a leading radiopharmaceutical biotech company, is dedicated to providing a new generation of radiomolecular precision therapeutics and diagnostics for hard-to-treat tumors. We aim to meet the needs of cancer patients, clinicians and our partners through excellence in development, production and global supply. With improved patient benefit as the driving principle for all we do, ITM advances a broad precision oncology pipeline, including two phase III studies, combining the company’s high-quality radioisotopes with a range of targeting molecules. By leveraging our nearly two decades of pioneering radiopharma expertise, central industry position and established global network, ITM strives to provide patients with more effective targeted treatment to improve clinical outcome and quality of life.

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