International LNG2023 event a key platform for sharing ‘the best ideas of the industry’

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With less than a month before delegates from around the world arrive at LNG2023—the preeminent meeting of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry—organizers are putting the finishing touches on the event, including scheduling sessions that feature industry papers on leading-edge innovations.

Since the first triennial LNG event was held in Chicago in 1968, the conference has been renowned for its paper presentations by professionals from across the globe. These papers are selected by the event’s Programme Committee, which puts out a far-reaching call for abstracts, and then whittles down the hundreds of submissions. Selected authors prepare full papers for presentation at the conference. In the case of LNG2023, which will be in Vancouver, British Columbia from July 10 – 13, 150 papers were selected.

The collection of papers covers different aspects of the LNG value chain. For LNG2023, they are organized under six topic areas: LNG markets, energy security and decarbonization; operations and best practice; commercial stimuli; upstream/midstream gas production, processing, liquefaction; shipping, marine operations and terminals; and downstream infrastructure and applications. Keywords for this edition are electrification, modularization, digitalization, and the minimization of emissions.

“It is the ideas that are important,” says Programme Committee Chair Philip Hagyard. “Above all, the papers selected are those that will be of most value to the industry.”

During the conference, delegates can attend high-level plenary and spotlight sessions related to their area of interest, and then dive deeper into specific topics at the paper presentation and forum sessions, where they can ask questions and engage with authors. The conference also features a Discovery Hub on July 11, with interactive posters on a further 40 specialist papers.

Hagyard notes that there is prestige attached to having a paper accepted at an LNG triennial event. Not only is a selected paper admissible as a journal publication, which results in people putting forward their best ideas, but the papers become part of the historical record of the industry.

“People refer to papers presented at LNG conferences for years afterward,” says Hagyard. “This format of presenting papers has long been the heart, the core, of this conference.”

For the first time in the triennial’s history, LNG2023 is making full papers available to registrants a month ahead of time through the event app to facilitate discovery and discussion. Additionally, to coincide with LNG2023, the event series presenters have compiled an online archive of more than 1,000 papers from all 19 previous editions that are available, at no charge, to those who sign up for Club LNG.

The current Programme Committee comprises 38 industry representatives who volunteered their personal and company time to the task of sorting through abstracts and papers. Hagyard says bringing people together to discuss significant issues is one reason he is involved in the conference.

“This is the biggest event specific to LNG—there isn’t another that comes close in terms of lasting impact. It is through meeting, sharing information, and communicating on important subjects that we can move complex technical challenges forward. As an industry we might not be able to solve all the issues, but we can help.”

LNG2023 is presented by the International Gas Union (IGU), GTI Energy, and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR). It is hosted by the Canadian Gas Association (CGA), and supported by incoming LNG2026 host, QatarEnergy and Principal Sponsor Chevron. For information or tickets visit

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