Le Vian Unveils its 2024 Jewelry Trend Forecast and the Key Sentiments Driving Trends

From guardianship of ancient royal jewels to firm favorite jewelry stylist of Hollywood royalty for the red carpet, family-owned fine jewelry house Le Vian has revealed 7 consumer sentiments set to take the jewelry world by storm in 2024.

Las Vegas, NV, June 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After live-streamed red carpet arrivals and interviews, the air was thick with anticipation - and a unique, custom scent of chocolate evoking the indulgence of Chocolate Diamonds® - as the crème de la crème of the jewelry world gathered for jewelry giant Le Vian’s 24th annual red carpet catwalk at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel for the unveiling of their dazzling new collection, driven by 7 key sentiments. VVVIP clients and Le Vian collectors, mingled with global retailers, luxury independent stores, industry leaders, press and influencers, with all eyes on Le Vian’s resplendent pieces. 

The program included a segment by 9 of the next generation Le Vian family members in the business, attesting to the family values passed down the generations that continue to drive the brand, including hard work, unity, charity, humility, passion and perseverance.

The program then introduced a charity challenge where the Le Vian family matched donations up to $185,000 by guests in support of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Diamonds Do Good, with total donations reaching over 1/3 of a million dollars within the space of an hour.

Le Vian’s 2024 Trend Forecast articulated 7 pivotal sentiments that inspired this year's collections 

Escape - Resort Collection

After the past three years, we are finally free to wander to our heart's desire. With jewels encapsulating our collective yearning to escape to shimmering seas and swaying palms, Le Vian has played with the many shades of blue and green with brilliant gems such as Blue Sapphires, Turquoise and Tanzanite, creating pieces inspired by the wondrous world below the ocean and classic nautical symbols.
Renewal - Garden Party Collection
From the old, comes the new, and the joy of rebirth comes alive through the blossoming of flowers and butterflies bursting forth from their cocoon. The exuberant liveliness of nature is celebrated in Le Vian’s Garden Party collection with wearable flowers, bees and butterflies created with dazzling, brightly hued gemstones. The emerald, a precious gem known for its garden, was called the Gem of the Year.
Passion - Modern Romance Collection
Stoke the fire burning within and celebrate vitality, passion and joy with deep, flaming red rubies and garnets, to feminine pinks of morganite and opals, heart shaped motifs and of course Le Vian’s signature jeweled indulgence - Chocolate Diamonds, with the Modern Romance collection. Perfect for those who dare to dream.
Brilliance - Venetian Collection
Reminiscent of sun dappled stained glass windows and intricate tiled mosaics, take a passeggiata through the canals of Venice with the Venetian collection. A distinctive blend of gem colors and innovative new Le Vian Venetian windows-inspired cuts, this is Le Vian’s ode to the play of light and the timeless elegance of Italian architecture.
Bold - Balyage Collection
2024 is the time to stand out, rather than blend in. Bold is symbolized by the Balayage trend, a bejeweled embodiment of graduated color and a spirit of individuality. From a play of color to a blend of hues and softly flowing gradients - inspired by Balayage hair highlights - meticulously chosen colored gemstones sparkle and gleam in this collection, celebrating personal expression.
Anywear Everywear® - Bangle Party Collection
All day, every day, 2024 and beyond, from resort to black tie, Le Vian forecasts the iconic bangle as THE item to wear that is here to stay. Set with a myriad of exquisite gemstones, Le Vian’s Bangle Party collection epitomizes their classic, understated elegance, captivating in its simplicity.  
Distinction - Unicorn Gems Platinum Collection
In the search for our true selves, symbolizing Le Vian’s everlasting commitment to individuality, originality, character and authenticity, one-of-a-kind color diamonds and gems set in one-of-a-kind Le Vian platinum designs are the unicorn gems. Diamonds and precious metals from exotic museum quality Blueberry Tanzanite and brilliant natural color diamonds jostle for room with dazzling Watermelon Tourmalines and Alexandrite in Le Vian’s Unicorn Gems collection - a veritable kaleidoscope of striking colors. Le Vian Platinum, the world's strongest precious metal, holds the honor of safeguarding these timeless beauties.

CEO Eddie LeVian said :
 “As always, we at Le Vian remain in tune with the emotions and energies of our time. From Escape, with sea creatures and nautical symbols fashioned using dazzling blue and green gemstones, to our Modern Romance collection inspired by passion and brought to life through flaming gemstones and joyfully sparkling Chocolate Diamonds®, we continue to derive constant inspiration from the world around us. Evoking collective sentiments, our 2024 collections are timeless by nature, combining our history of fine craftsmanship with artistic freshness.”

On the custom chocolate scent in the air as guests entered the show, Eddie LeVian added:
 “Not everyone knows that when Le Vian trademarked superior quality, sustainably sourced brown diamonds as Chocolate Diamonds back in 2000, which have since attracted over 5 million devoted collectors, Le Vian’s exclusive rights included the unique privilege of being the only company in the world with the permission to emit a chocolate fragrance from a jewelry store. We are excited to have brought to life this exclusive unforgettable Chocolate Diamond sensual experience in Vegas during the Red Carpet Catwalk.”

About Le Vian
Once a guardian of royal jewels in 18th century Persia, Le Vian has transformed itself into a contemporary celebrity jewelry powerhouse catering to the who’s who of music and film. Le Vian has a mission to make the world’s most beautiful and desirable jewelry accessible to every household and the current generation of the Le Vian dynasty is fully committed to realizing this goal. Le Vian is at the forefront of creating the most exquisite natural fancy color diamond jewels in a kaleidoscope of colors including pink, yellow - and the exclusive Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®, which have in the last 20 years attracted 5 million collectors. Le Vian regularly submits its entire manufacturing process to independent audit and verification as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. Visit levian.com for more information.


Anywhere/Everywear® Bangle Party Collection Anywhere/Everywear® Bangle Party Collection

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