The Colorado-Wyoming Engine’s (CO-WY Engine) grant application selected as semifinalist of the National Science Foundation's Regional Innovation Engines competition

Innosphere Ventures moving forward with The Colorado-Wyoming Engine’s (CO-WY Engine) grant application as semifinalist of the National Science Foundation's Regional Innovation Engines competition

Fort Collins, CO, June 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Innosphere Ventures, a leading technology incubator that accelerates the success of founders building tech and science-based companies, is thrilled to announce that the Colorado-Wyoming Engine (CO-WY Engine) grant application has been chosen as a semifinalist in the prestigious National Science Foundation's Regional Innovation Engines competition. This recognition underscores the CO-WY Engine's commitment to driving innovation, fostering regional growth, and addressing critical societal and economic challenges around the global need to more accurately measure and monitor complex climate changes.

The NSF Engines competition received an overwhelming response from across the United States, with 34 exceptional semifinalists selected out of the 188 submissions. These semifinalists represent various sectors and key technology areas aligned with the vision outlined in the "CHIPS and Science Act." The NSF Engines initiative is led by Innosphere Ventures, and Colorado and Wyoming top research and commercialization leaders, including, University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado State University, Colorado School of Mines, University of Colorado-Denver, University of Norhtern Coloardo, University of Wyoming, Colorado and Wyoming Community Colleges, the National Renewable Energy Lab, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administraiton, National Center for Atmonpheric Research, United States Department of Agriculture, the National Earth Observatory Network, and multiple additional nonprofits, businesses, and other organizations, serving as catalysts for transformative regional economic advancement.

The CO-WY Engine aims to forge innovative pathways towards climate resiliency by leveraging cutting-edge environmental monitoring technologies and predictive analytics. The primary objective is to establish reliable and trustworthy decision support systems that effectively mitigate the environmental and economic threats posed by climate change. By aligning the workforce with the needs of the climate tech economy, the CO-WY Engine strives to build a nationally and globally significant ecosystem that promotes equitable, prosperous, and environmentally resilient communities.

“It is imperative to recognize the urgency of this work, as the Western United States faces an accelerating aridification crisis that could potentially lead to socio-economic collapse. The CO-WY Engine builds upon the successful collaborative efforts in cleantech, including the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory,” Said Mike Freeman, CEO of Innosphere Ventures and who will lead the CO-WY Engine when successful.”

“Being selected as a semifinalist in the NSF Engines competition showcases the CO-WY Engine's innovative approach, expertise, and collaborative strength in addressing pressing climate challenges. The Colorado-Wyoming region is poised for breakout levels of innovation and growth in the climate tech sector and Innosphere Ventures is proud to support the CO-WY Engine's mission and congratulates all the semifinalists of the NSF Regional Innovation Engines Program. This acknowledgment is a testament to the power of cross-sector collaboration and the potential for transformative impact on a regional and national scale,” adds Freeman.

To learn more about the NSF Engines semifinalists and their transformative initiatives, please visit the NSF Website for detailed information and a map showcasing the participating organizations.

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