Earn Network Raises $2.7M in Seed Funding to Further Develop the Marketplace for Liquid Investments

The Earn Network, a community driven marketplace for liquid investments, is happy to announce the successful completion of its Seed Funding round that raised $2.7 million from VCs and Angel investors.

HONG KONG, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As per the announcement, the round was led by Shima Capital. The event saw the participation of other investors including: DFG, Jsquare, LD Capital, Cronos Labs, GTS Ventures, Bixin Ventures, ViaBTC Capital, Mars DAO and Mirana Ventures.

Notably, the new funding will be used to further develop new product categories on Earn Network’s marketplace. The Earn Network has already developed DeFi Staking and soon will be adding three more categories - Lending, Liquid Staking & Native Restaking. In addition, the funding will also help the platform hire more professionals to join its expert team, grow the community and establish new relationships with more base layers and projects.

The Earn Network claims that existing centralized and traditional investment platforms are unable to harness the substantial value that arises from the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem and its wider landscape. As a result, billions of dollars in potential investment opportunities and economic growth remain untapped, limiting the potential benefits for investors and hindering the overall development of the global economy.

The Earn Network solves this by providing a "no-code" solution, where any individual can leverage secure and audited templates to create their custom financial products,  like staking or borrowing pools. No more hidden fees, middlemen or tedious processes. A fully self-custodial, peer-to-peer platform allows both parties to freely transact. The user-friendly interface opens the door to any investor that is ready to explore new yield-bearing opportunities.

“Our goal is to onboard millions to generate billions in the DeFi economy. We’ve set an ambitious goal to create a leading financial marketplace that’s ready for tomorrow. We want to create a renowned and user-friendly investment platform that gives equal opportunities to every participant worldwide.” says Bartek Pozniak, CEO of the Earn Network.

The project was founded in the second quarter of 2022. It’s run by a team of 9 individuals who are at the top of their fields. The Earn Network reaches over 150,000 users through its own native platform and affiliated yield earning sites including MyCointainer.com. A few prominent projects such as Avalanche, Decimal or Cronos are already collaborating with the Earn Network to deliver new use cases for crypto communities.

To try out the Earn platform simply visit earn.network. You can access it via desktop or try the mobile version. At all times you’re 100% in charge of your funds and interest is paid directly to your wallet.
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