Secop Introduces Next-Generation ULT Cooling Compressors for Global Vaccine Distribution and Medical Cold Chains

Flensburg, Germany, June 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- To further streamline the storage and distribution of mRNA vaccines used to fight cancer, COVID-19, HIV, malaria, influenza, and other diseases, ongoing advancements in ULT cooling solutions are essential. Secop, a renowned provider of cooling solutions for ULT systems, has recognized this need. In order to meet these new requirements, Secop is in the process of developing a new generation of cooling compressors that are technologically advanced, environmentally friendly, and globally compatible. 

According to Secop, new mRNA vaccines require continuous refrigeration temperatures as low as -80°C, presenting a significant challenge to the transportation and distribution process. The journey of these vaccines begins with air transport from the manufacturer to various countries. Upon arrival, they are stored in specialized cold rooms before being distributed to regional cold storage facilities by refrigerated vehicles. From there, the vaccines are transported in coolers and vaccine carriers to even the most remote villages, ensuring broad access to these life-saving vaccines. 

Drawing upon decades of experience in developing medical refrigeration solutions and collaborating with world-leading manufacturers, Secop has developed solutions for the new advanced generation of ULT refrigerators that address the need for reliable and efficient equipment. These solutions have been carefully designed to meet the stringent requirements of the medical field, preserving the integrity and longevity of the stored samples. 

Secop has taken significant steps towards environmental sustainability by adopting refrigerants R290 and R170, which possess extremely low Global Warming Potential (GWP) values. By utilizing these environmentally friendly refrigerants, Secop demonstrates its commitment to minimizing environmental impact. 

Furthermore, Secop has developed a cutting-edge range of compressors that incorporates a new generation of control electronics. This innovative technology optimizes energy efficiency and actively monitors and regulates cooling temperature to maintain a precise environment. 

For storage applications, Secop provides a cascade configuration featuring either 2x MN13UVULTM or 2x MS18UVULTM medical grade variable speed AC compressors. This design enables accurate temperature control and reduces energy consumption, all while preserving the reliability of the system.  

In the realm of transport, Secop offers a cascade configuration utilizing 2x MP2UVULTM DC compressors, specially engineered for mobile applications. These compressors are designed to deliver reliable and efficient cooling performance during transportation by addressing the unique challenges associated with maintaining the required temperature range while on the move. By incorporating these units into the transport process, Secop enables active temperature control throughout the entire journey, eliminating the need for dry-ice-cooled boxes. This not only increases the reliability of the transport process but also reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional low tech cooling methods. 

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Secop is a global leader in solar direct drive refrigeration technologies, with more than 30 years of experience in battery and solar-powered refrigeration solutions for storage and transportation. Secop is a pioneer in introducing green refrigerants and efficient solutions with a wide range of electronically controlled AC/DC compressors for energy optimization. In addition, Secop is currently a WHO-selected supplier due to its competence and experience in medical cold chain solutions. 


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