Green Globe Partners with Civitime to Deliver Gamified CSR Training to Travel and Tourism Businesses


London, UK, June 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Green Globe, Ltd., owner of the Green Globe brand and licensee of all Green Globe programs worldwide, has entered into a partnership with Civitime, which provides corporate social responsibility (CSR) training tools through gamification for an organization’s employees and stakeholders. The partnership will initially target the global travel and tourism industry with the potential to expand to additional industries and market sectors.

Civitime, headquartered in Paris, France, offers turnkey tools around serious games and gamification for companies including major international brands. Civitime solutions are already helping more than 100 CSR and human resources departments and 200,000 employees meet the environmental, social and governance challenges of tomorrow.

Their solutions help employees to immerse themselves in the company's strategy, appreciate its CSR commitments, and understand the impact of their company from different perspectives. For their part, management teams have an easy and accessible digital solution that engages their teams, provides valuable indicators, and promotes the employer brand. More information on Civitime can be found at   The tool being developed for Green Globe is anticipated to revolve around a challenge game in a hospitality setting.

Gamification has proven to be a highly effective method to increase employee engagement and productivity, encourage social interaction and teamwork, strengthen a company’s internal and external image, and foster creativity and innovation among employees.

In a 2020 interview published in La Nouvelle République, Civitime Founder and President Anthony Mollé stated, “When a company disseminates internal information, the average rate of clicks reaches 10%. With our content, it's 63%.”

With employers struggling to attract and retain employees and many workers expressing dissatisfaction with their employers’ lack of commitment to social and environmental issues, increasing employee buy-in and engagement in CSR training is critical for today’s workplace. A 2022 Gartner survey found that 65% of employees want to work for organizations with strong social and environmental values. In many surveys, employees rate a prospective company’s commitment to sustainability as even more important than pay and benefits.

“As part of Green Globe’s expansion of its business interests outside of sustainability certification, we are especially pleased and excited to announce the partnership between the Green Globe brand and Civitime, a leader in gamified CSR training tools for business,” commented Steven R. Peacock, Managing Director of Green Globe, Ltd.

“While the initial purpose of this partnership is to create and market a sustainability training tool for employees in the travel and tourism industry, discussions are already underway about developing the Civitime sustainability product for employers to provide to their employees in other business sectors as well. There is no question that there is strong market demand for effective sustainability training tools, since it is well understood that sustainability practices produce better results for the business and a better, safter, more fulfilling workplace environment for employees. We hope to help meet this market demand with our partnership with Civitime.”

“We are very pleased to be partnering with Green Globe, Ltd. for this project,” stated Mr. Mollé. “Given the Green Globe’s long association and footprint in travel and tourism, we believe this is the right brand to help us deliver a gamified training tool for a large number of workers in this industry.

The CSR training game powered by Green Globe is expected to be introduced to potential customers within the next several weeks.

Green Globe recently launched its new brand website at, which includes a blog, initial Green Globe partner products, planned sustainability initiatives around the world, the illustrious history of the brand, The Green Globe Manifesto, and more. People who share Green Globe’s concern for the planet and would like to support our efforts implement the circular economy around the world are encouraged to follow us on Twitter at, on LinkedIn at, and sign up to receive updates from the brand by filling in the fields at

About Green Globe
The Green Globe brand, owned by Green Globe, Ltd., a UK company, is committed to promoting and implementing the concept of a circular economy in communities, countries, and regions around the world, both directly and through its licensees. Green Globe traces its roots to the United Nations Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit in 1992, where heads of state from around the world acknowledged, as a group, the impact of human socio-economic activities on the environment and the urgent need to address environmental degradation. First developed within the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) in 1993, the Green Globe logo has long been recognized around the world as a symbol of environmental responsibility and social impact. Today, the brand and its associated programs hold even greater promise as the world further embraces the need for sustainability, diversity, equality, inclusion, and response to global climate change as essential core values. More information can be found at

About Civitime
Civitime designs a suite of gamified, collaborative digital tools to engage employees in CSR initiatives and corporate projects. Based on engaging game features, their tools create a collective dynamic and get employees involved over the long term. Their solutions are ready-to-use, with content adapted to all CSR issues and corporate projects (Energy Sobriety, Sustainable Mobility, Biodiversity, Diversity & Inclusion, Responsible Digital, etc.). According to employees' profiles and digital appetence, customers transpose these themes into playful universes, like Escape Games, City Builder, Popular Games, Exploration, and more. Immersed in one of the solutions, users join a team and are assigned missions. To carry out these missions, they are subtly confronted with the company's strategic messages, supported by game features (gamification). They are specially designed to act on targeted psychosocial factors and discover the topics discussed with pleasure.   More information can be found at


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