Canadian Start-Up Making Waves in Quantum-Inspired Technology

InfinityQ Builds Simple Solutions to Impossible Problems

MONTREAL, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For the past decade the world has looked to quantum computing to make the next great leap forward. But, while the science is exciting, classic quantum computing is not yet ready for today’s many business challenges that require the optimization of large amounts of data to find optimal solutions - making real-world problem solving harder to find – until now. InfinityQ is a dynamic start-up that delivers quantum-inspired optimisation of exponentially hard problems that classic computers cannot tackle.

Simply put: InfinityQ’s Quantum-Inspired Technology bridges the gap between the real and quantum world to solve problems with optimal solutions that save money and are fast, flexible, simple and green. Our technology delivers real-time optimal solutions to the most difficult problems at tremendous speed, despite the number of variables.

InfinityQ’s proprietary quantum-inspired solutions, can be applied today to help businesses that are facing ‘impossible’ problems they are unable to resolve with traditional, classic computers. With a current focus on the Transportation and Logistics industry, and multiple mandates to resolve last-mile delivery challenges, they are preparing to tackle Finance and Pharma by 2025.

“Our proprietary, quantum-inspired solutions are built to solve problems with an extremely large solution space. Because our technology works at incredibly high speed, our solutions can optimize accuracy and performance challenges for multiple businesses. Current computers are not yet able to solve the problems we face. InfinityQ offers another solution to these impossible problems.”

Aurelie Helouis, Founder and CEO

“Our quantum-inspired technology can outstrip classical computers for speed and existing pure-quantum technologies for accuracy, efficiency, energy use and cost. Our reconfigurable hardware adds flexibility and agility, and we integrate into existing systems with minimal disruption.”

Sébastien Delorme, Head of Product

With company founders, expert consultants and management hailing from sectors as diverse as the French Navy, NASA, UC Berkley, CN, Ubisoft, and the world of data analytics, mathematics and coding, InfinityQ is an integral force in the world’s exciting new era of computing and the quantum-inspired arena.

InfinityQ will be participating in the Inside Quantum Technology Canada Conference, June 20-22 in Montreal. InfinityQ is also a proud Gold Level sponsor of the 16th World Conference on Transport Research taking place in Montreal in July 2023, where they will discuss their exciting developments in Transport optimization and last-mile delivery solutions as well as introducing key learning about their quantum-inspired technology. InfinityQ is currently hiring for multiple positions on its rapidly expanding team.

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