RisingWave Cloud Democratizes Event Stream Processing, Making It Affordable at Cloud Scale

Innovative distributed SQL processing enables continuous intelligence and faster, more precise business decisions

SAN FRANCISCO, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RisingWave Labs, the company behind the distributed SQL streaming database built for the cloud, today announced the general availability of RisingWave Cloud, a fully managed SQL stream processing platform, built on a cloud-native architecture. RisingWave Cloud consumes streaming data, performs incremental computations when new data comes in, and updates results dynamically at a fraction of the cost compared to Apache Flink.  

“Traditionally, event stream processing used older technologies, and those first-generation stream processing systems came with cost and performance barriers,” said Yingjun Wu, CEO and founder of RisingWave Labs. “We founded RisingWave Labs with the aim of empowering companies with real-time information to enable faster, better business decision-making in a cost-efficient manner. We have an extremely powerful distributed SQL engine that gives you fully featured, compute-efficient SQL analytics in the cloud.”

According to Gartner®, “Event stream processing (ESP) platforms support real-time analytics and stream data integration on data in motion. The market for ESP platforms consists of software subsystems that perform real-time computation on streaming event data. They execute calculations on unbounded input data continuously as it arrives, enabling immediate responses to current situations and/or storing results in files, object stores or other databases for later use. Examples of input data include clickstreams; copies of business transactions or database updates; social media posts; market data feeds; images; and sensor data from physical assets, such as mobile devices, machines, and vehicles. Approximately two-thirds of the use of ESP platforms is to support real-time operational applications. The other one-third is used for ingesting, transforming, and storing streaming data for subsequent analytics applications.1

Adding to Gartner’s insight, industry players point to the value in streaming processing. A recent survey by Confluent notes that companies in the early stages of data streaming adoption are seeing up to 10x returns on their investments. The report also found that most leaders have access to some degree of real-time data streams (97%), but those with widespread access (66%) are at a major advantage. More than half of this group (56%) reported revenue growth higher, and even much higher, than their competitors.2

RisingWave Cloud zeroes in on enhancing the developer experience as well as reducing operational and performance costs. Users set up the system in minutes using out-of-the-box developer tools and SQL to interface with the system. Unlike previous generation systems like Apache Flink, RisingWave takes a cloud-native approach to optimize infrastructure costs via an architecture that separates storage and compute for efficient resource provisioning based on workloads.

“RisingWave helps reduce costs and the complexity of developing streaming applications,” said Zhenjie Zhang, head of data at Neuron Mobility, a leading rental e-scooter company and micromobility technology developer. “We no longer need to maintain ad hoc Python or Java programs. We just code in SQL for 99% of the cases. For the rest of the one percent, RisingWave’s user-defined functions enables us to reuse some of our existing code and third-party libraries.”

Built from scratch using programming language Rust, RisingWave is optimized to support high-throughput and low-latency stream processing in the cloud. It guarantees data consistency and service reliability using checkpointing and shared-nothing architecture. RisingWave has its own native storage for persistent data and serving user-initiated queries. It also offers dozens of connectors to other open standards and computing frameworks, allowing users to freely connect to external systems. RisingWave Cloud is available today, delivering key innovations including:

  • First full-function distributed SQL stream processing system
  • Full support for event-driven architecture semantics
  • Deployment choice for customers — services on customer-hosted or                 
    RisingWave-hosted infrastructure
  • Significant price-performance advantages over Flink-based systems
  • Ready for secure enterprise production use with SoC2 compliance

Community engagement is an integral part of the RisingWave Labs story. The open source version of RisingWave is powering dozens of real-time use cases. RisingWave GitHub repo has tripled the number of GitHub stars. RisingWave Labs also launched a new bi-weekly webinar ‘Streaming Stories’ to bring together stream processing enthusiasts onto the modern streaming data stack.

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About RisingWave

RisingWave, the real-time event stream processing platform built for the Cloud, delivers real-time analytics on live data while reducing the complexity and cost of building real-time applications. For more information go to www.risingwave.com

1 Gartner: Market Guide for Event Stream Processing, May 15, 2023 - bit.ly/44dxVK6
2 Confluent: 2023 Data Streaming Report: Moving Up the Maturity Curve - bit.ly/42YfmbQ


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