Filtered Launches Generative AI Capabilities to Assess Technical Talent; New Study Reveals How AI Innovation is Changing the Game for TA Leaders

BOSTON, June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- According to survey results released today by skills-based hiring platform Filtered, talent acquisition leaders are facing a variety of new technical hiring challenges. The pervasive use of generative AI (Gen AI) tools is transforming software engineering, requiring new hiring practices to adapt to the fast pace of change. To help address these pain points, Filtered is unveiling new AI-powered features to streamline the technical hiring process, better assess Gen AI skills, and combat fraud.

These new product features were inspired by feedback from talent acquisition leaders and hiring managers across the enterprise, and are designed to empower skills-based hiring decisions. By surfacing the most relevant candidate insights using AI, Filtered is enabling hiring teams to spend more time with the best-qualified candidates for a given role.

Filtered is in the process of rolling out these new features, which include:

  • ChatGPT usage detection via an updated browser extension that flags when candidates use ChatGPT while completing assessments on the platform. This allows hiring teams to be aware of Gen AI use and differentiate between cheating and effective use of Gen AI as a coding support tool.
  • AI-powered candidate profiles that summarize the results of job simulations and assessments, along with candidate resumes, surfacing insights about candidate performance across both hard and soft skills.
  • AI-generated text summaries of candidates’ responses to video questions to quickly highlight the key points of their responses.
  • AI-suggested interview questions for live interview rounds that target important skills and gaps where more evidence of ability is needed.
  • A prompt engineering job simulation to evaluate candidates’ ability to write “prompts” for large language models (LLMs) that successfully produce valuable code and information to help solve questions.

“Generative AI offers tremendous potential for recruiting and can make the process more streamlined for both candidates and companies,” said Dr. Andrew Ng, Managing General Partner of AI Fund, a Filtered investor.

These features build upon Filtered’s full end-to-end assessment platform, which includes robust job simulations, recorded video responses, fraud detection and identity validation, and video conferencing technology with embedded coding tools for live, interactive interviews.

Survey results reveal pain points for talent acquisition leaders in technical hiring

These new product features are also supported by findings from a recent survey commissioned by Filtered, which includes responses from more than 500 talent acquisition leaders. The full survey results are available in a new blog post from Filtered titled, “New Survey: TA Leaders Are Grappling with AI’s Impact on How and Whom They Hire.”

Key takeaways from the survey include:

  • Hiring is picking back up: 78% of respondents said they’re hiring more or the same as any other year, and 50% say remote hiring has made it harder to evaluate candidates due to large applicant volume
  • Gen AI skills are in high demand: 96% of TA leaders believe it is important for technical candidates to have experience with Gen AI
  • TA teams are already using Gen AI: 98% of TA leaders are discussing how to leverage Gen AI in their recruiting process, and 52% already are using Gen AI in some capacity
  • Candidate fraud is a top concern: 95% of respondents are concerned about candidates committing fraud in the hiring process, and 63% said they would likely consider it fraudulent if candidates used Gen AI tools during a skills assessment or coding test

“Many survey respondents expressed concern about Generative AI eliminating some recruiting positions in the future. But we see a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for talent acquisition professionals to use AI to solve many of their pain points while continuing to focus on the aspects of the job that will always require a human touch,” said Dan Finnigan, CEO of Filtered. “The technical hiring process has been broken for a long time, and previous efforts to use automation through tactics like resume screening were ineffective. Now, AI technology has advanced sufficiently to enable efficiency gains while still applying a human-centric, skills-based approach.”

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