Seoul Robotics Introduces QuickConnect for Effortless Integration of Intelligent 3D Perception Capabilities

QuickConnect taps the full potential of 3D data to deliver advanced event detection and valuable statistical information for a wide range of ITS applications

ATLANTA, June 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Seoul Robotics, the company driving smart 3D infrastructure solutions, today released QuickConnect, a cutting-edge analytics tool with advanced event detection capabilities designed to make 3D perception technology more actionable and accessible for ITS deployments. QuickConnect transforms data from 3D sensors into meaningful event information, enabling faster, easier integration of real-time and statistical intelligence to contextualize and improve a wide range of roadway activities.

QuickConnect leverages the output of Seoul Robotics’ patented perception platform, SENSR™, and introduces new statistic modules that record pre-coded events, enabling organizations to gain more detailed analytics and information on the number, location, and velocity of people, cyclists, and different vehicle types within zones equipped with 3D sensors. The technology analyzes events such as pedestrians jaywalking, speeding, traffic jams, u-turns, near miss accidents, and more within the designated zones. These programmed events provide a new layer of context into roadway activities, as well as reduce the amount of coding required to deploy SENSR so organizations can immediately begin harnessing real-time 3D data for strategic decision making.

Furthermore, QuickConnect is a fully web-based system and seamlessly integrates with third-party applications through APIs, ensuring a continuous flow of data and insights. By enabling the software to augment existing set ups, Seoul Robotics is reducing the overall time, cost, and effort required to deploy QuickConnect.

“The world around us continues to become more complex and requires technology that can analyze all of its intricacies. 3D perception is that technology but it has historically exemplified the expression that nothing worth having comes easy – until now,” said William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics. “With QuickConnect, we’re making it simple for organizations to capitalize on the advancements in 3D perception to improve mobility, safety, and sustainability to ultimately drive impactful, real-world change.”

QuickConnect joins the suite of features released with SENSR 3.0 earlier this year that make it easier for anyone to deploy and gain immediate value from 3D technology. The rapidly growing ecosystem includes QuickTune, a snap-to-point tool to expedite sensor calibration, and QuickSite, a first-of-its-kind site simulation tool that enables users to virtually design and scale 3D systems, reducing installation times.

Seoul Robotics’ 3D perception technology can be used for both indoor and outdoor environments owing to the deep learning and dynamic weather-filtering AI capabilities of SENSR. SENSR is able to simultaneously track, detect, and identify pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles within an error of 4 centimeters and create the industry’s most accurate digital twins in real-time for unprecedented insights, regardless of harsh weather conditions.

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About Seoul Robotics
Seoul Robotics was founded in 2017 with a mission to unlock unparalleled insights and capabilities by capturing the world in 3D. The company’s core technology, SENSR™, is a patented 3D perception software that uses AI deep learning and weather-filtering capabilities to provide the most advanced, accurate environmental insights. Today, this industry-leading software delivers transformative intelligence and capabilities across a wide range of industries, including, Intelligent Transport Systems, security, smart cities, and autonomous mobility. Powered by SENSR, Seoul Robotics is pioneering a new approach to automating vehicles called ‘Autonomy Through Infrastructure,’ providing infrastructure-based autonomous driving systems that do not require any hardware changes to vehicles themselves. Seoul Robotics has offices in Seoul, Berlin, Munich, and Atlanta, and is backed by leading global financial institutions. For more information, visit

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