Fiverr Launches 'Certified': Revolutionizing Tech Support for Amazon Ads,, Stripe, and others

Fiverr Certified builds a unique freelance marketplace of vetted experts for these companies, so that they can better reach and serve their customers.

NEW YORK, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is revolutionizing how the world works together, today announced the launch of Fiverr Certified. Fiverr Certified builds a unique freelance marketplace for each of its tech partners. Freelancers are then certified specifically by those companies, which include Amazon Ads,, and Stripe, empowering these well-known brands to better support their customers by connecting them with a trusted expert.

Fiverr Certified is already helping partners, like, grow their customer base. “Partnering with Fiverr Certified has helped us serve a completely new client segment. We can now deliver professional services and solutions to our customers from vetted, certified professionals,” said Ophir Penso, a VP of Channel Partnerships & Indirect Sales. “We appreciate the opportunity to serve existing customers who, before Fiverr Certified, didn’t have an end-to-end dedicated marketplace where they can service or customize their experience with our product.”

Fiverr Certified is also solving the pressing need for small businesses that typically do not get sufficient support from the SaaS vendors they use. Many small businesses don’t have full-time IT staff to install, customize and maintain the SaaS products they use; now experts, certified by the tech company partners, will be easily accessible and available to assist. Managers can quickly find vetted experts endorsed by companies, like Podia, for their proficiency in their products. “Fiverr Certified is exactly what we were looking for – a way to identify, certify, and promote Podia experts so that our users can find the right service provider for their specific needs,” said Mandi Ehman, Director of Marketing for Podia. “It’s truly a win-win-win for Podia users, the certified experts, and Podia!”

Fiverr Certified is also helping Fiverr freelancers expand their skill set and revenue. “Fiverr exists to connect every business to exceptional talent, in the simplest way possible,” said Fiverr Founder and CEO, Micha Kaufman. “Fiverr Certified is a natural progression towards that goal – producing beautifully simple product solutions to tedious business problems. Now businesses can be matched instantaneously with experts certified by our partners to get results they can trust.”

For more information and to join other Fiverr Certified partners that include Amazon Ads,, Stripe, WooCommerce, Leadpages, Podia, and others, click here.

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