Tabnine Unveils Tabnine Chat, Boosting Developer Productivity Through the Power of Generative AI

Revolutionary AI code assistant expands platform with a single, secure, and managed chat solution, seamlessly integrating into developers’ software development lifecycle

TEL AVIV, Israel, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tabnine, the creators of the industry’s first AI-powered assistant for developers, today announced it is extending its platform with Tabnine Chat, an AI code assistant that writes code and answers questions against organizations’ codebase. Built with security at the forefront, Tabnine Chat combines the latest large language models (LLMs) with codebase familiarity to transform organizations’ entire software development experience and help developers create business outcomes faster. This comes on the heels of Tabnine being highlighted as one of the two leading AI developer tools in the market in Stack Overflow’s 2023 Developer Survey.

While developers have used chat-style interfaces over the past year as generative AI has exploded in popularity, existing solutions lack critical capabilities. They are typically used in a separate web interface, outside of organizations’ integrated development environment (IDE) where developers work day-to-day. Additionally, these chat interfaces are backed by LLMs that introduce significant security and privacy risks due to the models they are trained on, the data collected from the user, and where the AI is hosted.

With the launch of Tabnine Chat, Tabnine now brings the capabilities of chat into a secure and managed solution for organizations. Tabnine Chat allows organizations to train on permissive code only and run isolated, all while leveraging enterprise knowledge. This reflects the next step as Tabnine continues to expand beyond code completion to bolster developer productivity, and deliver on its vision to support developers with AI at every step of the development lifecycle.

“As the tools developers use continue to rapidly evolve, organizations must ensure the solutions their teams rely on not only allow them to be more productive, but operate in a secure way,” said Eran Yahav, CTO of Tabnine. “Innovation at speed requires trust in the tools developers use, especially in enterprises. With Tabnine Chat we continue our commitment to delivering ethical and secure AI, and enabling its use throughout the software development lifecycle.”

Benefits of Tabnine Chat include:

  • Understanding and explaining current code: Developers write code and build applications in context and the ability to understand the capabilities and intentions behind complex code changes the velocity for teams and organizations.
  • Knowledge proliferation and accessibility: Large organizations can leverage Tabnine Chat to disseminate coding expertise, best practices, and lessons learned from the extensive codebase, making knowledge easily accessible to all developers and enabling new team members to ramp up quickly.
  • Quality assurance and code consistency: Tabnine Chat can identify potential code issues, performance bottlenecks, or areas for improvement across the codebase and enable organizations to proactively address issues and enhance the overall quality of the software produced.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation: Organizations can extract valuable insights to drive continuous improvement and innovation by identifying emerging coding patterns, suggesting optimizations, and highlighting areas for refactoring or performance enhancements.
  • Standardization of coding practices: With Tabnine Chat's personalized recommendations and understanding of the organization's codebase, organizations can establish and enforce standardized coding practices across teams and projects to ensure consistency and maintainability of the codebase.

Tabnine Chat is available for free early access today and will be generally available to Pro and Enterprise customers by Fall 2023. To learn more, read Tabnine’s blog.

About Tabnine
Tabnine is the pioneer in AI-powered software development. With more than one million monthly users and hundreds of thousands of daily active users, Tabnine boosts code quality and developer happiness using generative AI technology to automate the coding workflow. With privacy and community at the forefront, Tabnine never stores or shares users’ code and relies only on open-source code with permissive licenses for its Public Code trained AI model. Tabnine is privately held, with funding from Qualcomm Ventures, OurCrowd, Samsung NEXT, Khosla Ventures, and Headline. Learn more at or follow on Twitter @tabnine or LinkedIn.

Shannon Campbell
PR for Tabnine