Online Travel Company FlightHub Group Partners With Observe.AI to Deliver AI Support & Enhance Customer Service Operations

Innovative Technology to Boost and Customers Receiving Accelerated Resolutions When Engaging With Customer Service Agents

Montreal, June 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 29, 2023 — FlightHub Group, the parent company of travel booking websites FlightHub and announces its strategic partnership with Observe.AI, a leader in helping customer contact centers to boost performance with seamless technology powered by artificial intelligence (AI).   

The new partnership will enable FlightHub and customers to experience quicker resolutions to their requests when they contact a customer service agent. 

“No one enjoys spending unnecessary time waiting for a travel specialist to resolve an issue with their travel plans, especially when they need help in the middle of a vacation,” says FlightHub CEO Chris Cave. “We are in the business of making people’s travel dreams a reality. Our partnership with Observe.AI will give our travel specialists the necessary tools to do their jobs better by focusing on the customer and providing a pleasurable experience to expedite a resolution,” added Cave.  

FlightHub customer service agents will be utilizing Observe.AI's contact  center-specific Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI technology to efficiently resolve customer inquiries in real-time. Key features that FlightHub is utilizing within Observe.AI's Generative AI Suite are Auto Summaries and Knowledge AI.

 When customers contact a customer service representative for help, the travel agent can ask questions where they need assistance through the Knowledge AI application, and receive quick guidance without spending time searching knowledge bases or asking a supervisor. After the call or chat, a highly customizable summary of their call will be generated through Observe.AI’s Real-Time application into Flighthub's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal. This process takes away significant hold times, reduces after call work for agents, and drives higher customer satisfaction. In addition to capturing details to resolve a situation, the analytics from a combination of the technology’s key features will allow FlightHub Group to evaluate their processes on a deeper level to improve on any gaps that may need to be addressed.

“Our technology was designed to dramatically improve the overall experience when it comes to contact center engagements,” said Observe.AI CEO Swapnil Jain. “We are thrilled that FlightHub Group is now utilizing our software in the travel industry. It will provide their service agents with in-the-moment knowledge discovery to reduce their average handle time with faster responses to customer queries."

About FlightHub Group

Headquartered in Montréal, Quebec, FlightHub Group owns and operates FlightHub and Justfly, two of North America’s leading online travel agencies. We make travel accessible, allowing more people to visit new places and explore new cultures. With millions of customers served annually, our goal is to empower travelers with the most affordable flights, optimal itineraries and exceptional customer service. Our industry-leading booking technology has created over 30 million connections since 2012. For more information, please visit FlightHub Group. 

About Observe.AI  

Observe.AI is the fastest way to boost contact center performance with live conversation intelligence. Built on the most accurate AI engine in the industry, Observe.AI uncovers insights from 100% of customer interactions and maximizes frontline team performance through coaching and end-to-end workflow automation. With Observe.AI, companies can act faster with real-time insights and guidance to improve performance, from more sales to higher retention. Leading companies like, Public Storage, and Accolade partner with Observe.AI to accelerate outcomes from the frontline to the rest of the business. For more information, please visit


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