Considerable Monetary Rewards For Everyone With Honeygain

VILNIUS, Lithuania, June 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online passive income is a lucrative way to earn supplemental income alongside regular work. With Honeygain, a passive income app, people can now make a considerable sum compared to the average wage.

Without any requirement for knowledge, initial capital, or time commitment, it opens up an opportunity to earn. Recently, Honeygain’s pay rates were reported to increase for users with an average of $40.

It works by sharing the unused internet bandwidth of the user and providing compensation for it. The shared traffic is used for various purposes related to big data acquisition. Users need two things – internet connectivity and a compatible device; thus, anyone around the globe can use Honeygain.

Around half of India’s population uses the Internet, which accounts for almost 700 million users. internet users must own a smartphone or a computer, therefore, meeting the requirements for using Honeygain. With the growing audience of Honeygain users, more traffic is shared which translates to higher earnings for people.

Understanding the average wage in India, which amounts to around ₹33 000 ($402) a month, adding supplemental passive income can improve economic health. If a user earns somewhere around $40 (₹3300) via Honeygain, it amounts to 10% of the average wage. With Consumer Price Index rising from 156.7 in 2021 to 177 in 2023, this can create a safety net when making essential purchases, such as food.

In other words, the extra income gained via Honeygain can minimize the effects of rising inflation and the inconveniences that come with it. The availability of Honeygain is global and technologically diverse, as apps are available for every operating system, ranging from Android to Linux.

About the company:

Honeygain is the first-ever application that allows users to generate passive online income by sharing their Internet connection. It is the world’s first crowdsourced web intelligence network that provides services to global industries for price comparisons, advertisement verification, brand protection, and more.

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Monika Ežerinskaitė, Lead Copywriter,