Glasses Brand Lensmart Updated Website Design For Better User Experience

NEW YORK, July 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- On June 30th, 2023, Lensmart launched its new website design in the hope of making the online purchasing experience easier for users.

It is shown that an aesthetically pleasing website is a top priority to leave a deep impression on the users. Among all the factors, polished website design is crucial to build the website credibility and trust with target audience.

Here are some major elements about the update of Lensmart.

1. Keep up-to-date with trends
In a world where fashion trends come and go, brands must to have fashion acumen for the future of them. For Lensmart, the key to catching the trends is to pay more attention to new products and be more creative. Online users now are expecting brands to bring something new, such as some AI & Chatbots tools, interactive product visuals, and immersive web animations. Lensmart tries to go above and beyond to provide more pleasing contents and products, making positive impressions for visitors.

As for visitors, they can directly catch the trends from Lensmart's best seller and new arrivals. What's more, there are a new column -- "Internet Celebrity". Lensmart has deeply understood the significance of social media. Therefore, Lensmart has invited many influencers to show their preference so that customers can learn the latest trends from their recommendations.

2. Improve for user experience
Obviously, improving user experience (UX) is the top goal for Lensmart. Although some standards are strict, the e-commerce website design depends a lot on the needs of customers. It is important to improve the level of customers' satisfaction and provide an unparalleled experience that offers more values connecting customers and products, which is why Lensmart updated its website design.

A customer-centered website design usually has a natural structure and flow that is systematic while easy to use for viewers. User-friendly site navigation should be simple and easily accessible from any page, which can remind viewers where they are and where they are going to on the website. At the same time, searching to locate relevant content is an integral part of a website. Users automatically expect to efficient browsing and searching experience.

From these perspectives, Lensmart has simplified the site navigation and magnified the site search in order to help users find their desired products more quickly and efficiently. The new website footers have a lighter color schemes which can highlight the key information. The design showcases the fashionable styles of glasses and also provides some key information about picking glasses, which can eliminates the usual hassle of buying glasses online.

3. Match brand culture
For this updated website, Lensmart has also done a lot to make the brand stand out. First and foremost, a brand-first approach on website design can ensure that the website reflects a value that tend to build loyalty and differentiate the brand from other competitors.

What Lensmart has done is emphasizing its identity, representing the company culture, and aligning the culture with products. On the fresh and light-colored website, Lensmart shows it is a brand full of imaginative and innovative characteristics. Displaying product photos represents Lensmart's craftsmanship and goals to put their products under the spotlight as well as lead visitors know more about the products.

In addition to the brand-first approach, it is also necessary to be consistent when designing the website. Lensmart connects the design with the brand story through the organized contents and photos. Especially, the color palette, menu, logo placement, and fonts have changed to achieve a cohesive narrative on the website. The whole layout also makes it easier for customers to focus on the products and services offered rather than being distracted by bold colors.

In summary, Lensmart's new website design stays up-to-date with fashion trends and improves to make a better user experience. All these improvements are consistent with Lensmart's brand culture and its story, depicting a comprehensive narrative to customers.

About Lensmart
Lensmart is a glasses brand striving to provide glasses on trend for customers online. Started with the aim of offering convenient experience of purchasing glasses online, the brand enjoys a wide variety of prescription glasses and sunglasses to suit individuals’ unique needs and gives customers personalized shopping experience. Under the three commitment of Lensmart (What you see is what you get; Comfort with ergonomic designs; Flex with a style), the brand is not just to sell a pair of glasses but to add value and meaning to shopping experience. With its virtual Try-On tool and 365-day warranty covering clear defects in material and workmanship, customers are enable to enjoy the purchasing without worry.

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