Intetics Empowers Enterprises to Succeed on AWS Serverless

NAPLES, Fla., July 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Intetics, a leading global technology company, uncovers why more and more businesses opt to move to serverless infrastructure and highlights four core steps of going serverless on AWS.

With the ability to streamline application delivery and enhance business outcomes, serverless architecture is becoming the go-to model for cloud-native development. Among the key reasons businesses migrate to serverless infrastructure on AWS is security, reliability, and scalability that its services offer.

As part of the research, IDC analysts interviewed executives from 11 organizations to assess the effects of utilizing the AWS Serverless Platform on various aspects such as IT costs, operations, and business outcomes. The companies surveyed were predominantly large organizations with an average of over 10,000 employees and $7 billion in annual revenue. These organizations were primarily based in the United States and operated in diverse industries, including communications, financial services, manufacturing, online media, real estate, retail, travel, transportation, & logistics.

Interviewed organizations primarily chose the AWS Serverless Platform to provide seamless scalability from both an IT and a business perspective.

Overall, their experiences in AWS represent a diverse mix of business-critical applications, including analytics and modeling, customer service systems, financial reporting, image processing, inventory management, and valuation and risk management workloads.

Leaders reported minimizing the friction that deployment, management, and support of computing and storage resources exert on operations, generating benefits for their IT and business organizations.

One organization highlighted the advantage of swift deployment when comparing it to their on-premises environment: “The AWS Serverless Platform allows developers to rapidly deploy functionality without tangling with servers because the serverless approach is much more modularized. We’re deploying code and not specifying server capacity or anything else. AWS does all that for you, and our developers are about 20% more efficient.

An organization that transitioned to AWS serverless from another cloud-based solution emphasized the advantage of automatic scaling based on demand for computing and storage resources: “We’ve really benefited from automatic responses to capacity needs with AWS Lambda and the AWS Serverless Platform. Before, we had a capacity of 100 instances, whereas now we have the equivalent capacity of 2,000–3,000 instances per day. Those instances all scale down to pretty much nothing at night or over the weekend, when we don’t have developers doing anything. We were already doing some of that beforehand, but it wasn’t as flexible in terms of being able to scale up and down.

Another company moving from an on-premises environment cited the ease of deploying compute resources to support development: “We deploy new software with the AWS Serverless Platform, but we don’t have to manage compute deployment because it’s automatic for us. We’ve gone from using internal tools and needing two days to deploy compute to it taking about two minutes with the AWS Serverless Platform.

To help enterprises navigate the serverless landscape effectively, AWS and Intetics have launched a joint webinar series. The series features AWS Sr. Partner Solutions Architects and Sergey Dudal, Intetics PM/Cloud Solution CoE Leader, who provide exclusive insights on building secure serverless applications on AWS. The webinars explore topics such as production platforms on serverless architecture, tools for simplifying business processes, key features of AWS services, and essential considerations for building and monitoring secure applications on AWS.

The full series is available on YouTube:

  1. Value Proposition of Using Serverless on AWS for Business
  2. Building and Transforming Your Applications into Serverless on AWS
  3. Monitor at Scale Your Serverless Application on AWS
  4. Serverless Security on AWS

Full material is available by the link.

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