AtomBeam’s Exclusive Webinar: Unveiling Results and Insights from Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

Revolutionize the data compression industry and discover the secrets behind AtomBeam's record-breaking $3 million crowdfunding campaign

MORAGA, Calif., July 07, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via IBN -- AtomBeam is proud to announce an exclusive webinar where CEO Charles Yeomans will share the Company’s exciting results and insights from the recently concluded crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. The campaign, which aimed to secure funding for AtomBeam's groundbreaking technology, raised over $3 million, surpassing all expectations.

The AtomBeam Campaign Overview webinar is scheduled for July 21, 2023, at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Time (U.S. and Canada). Attendees will have the chance to engage with Yeomans during a live Q&A session, enabling a direct conversation about AtomBeam's innovative solutions and their potential impact on the IoT landscape. A key part of the discussion will be AtomBeam’s new Neural Compaction product, an incredible new technology that reduces sensor images, such as LiDAR, by twice the current industry standard. AtomBeam will be signing a $1.2 million U.S. Department of the Air Force contract to develop Neural Compaction for military and commercial use.

The webinar offers a unique opportunity for investors, industry professionals and technology enthusiasts to gain a deeper understanding of AtomBeam's future direction and the impact of its transformative data compaction solutions. Attendees will have the chance to connect directly with Yeomans and gain valuable insights into AtomBeam's roadmap and upcoming initiatives, including a discussion regarding AtomBeam’s second $1.2 million contract with the U.S. Space Force, to apply Compaction software to various defense applications.

"We are excited to connect with our supporters and share the remarkable success of our recent crowdfunding campaign," said Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam. "This webinar is a fantastic opportunity for us to express our gratitude, offer transparency, and provide a glimpse into the future of AtomBeam's groundbreaking technology."

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Join us for an engaging and informative session as we celebrate the success of AtomBeam's crowdfunding campaign and look forward to a future filled with transformative advancements in Compaction technology.

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AtomBeam is a pioneering data compaction software company that is revolutionizing the way data is transmitted, stored, and secured in the IoT (Internet of Things) industry. With its innovative technology and commitment to efficiency, AtomBeam has garnered significant attention and support from investors. AtomBeam’s recent crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine raised over $3 million, showcasing confidence in the company’s groundbreaking solutions. AtomBeam's mission is to reshape the IoT landscape by providing efficient and secure data compaction solutions that drive industry advancements and create a more connected world.

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