House Numbers Raises $3.75 Million Pre-Seed Round to Leverage AI to Help Homeowners Gain Financial Independence

New start-up to pioneer “home wealth management” category to assist 90 million Americans access over $28 trillion in collective home equity

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- House Numbers, an AI-enabled home wealth management platform helping homeowners gain financial independence through AI-tailored home equity-based product recommendations, announced today that it has raised $3.75 million in pre-seed funding. The pre-seed round was led by Resolute Ventures, with participation from Maven Ventures and Uncommon Capital.

House Numbers is pioneering a new category, home wealth management, to empower homeowners to improve their financial picture by maximizing their greatest asset – their home. There are more than 90 million owner-occupied homes in the U.S., with more than $28.6 trillion in cumulative home equity. Home equity makes up around 30% of total household wealth in the U.S., second only to retirement accounts. For the average household that owns their home, their home equity represents 59% of their total wealth.

"The U.S. Census reports 62% of U.S. households have home equity, compared to just 25% of whom hold stocks and mutual funds. Yet, homeowners still don’t have a trusted source to optimize the financial opportunities around their greatest long-term asset, their home,” said co-founder and CEO, Jeff Levinsohn. “Most homeowners aren’t aware that there are five different ways to access their home equity, let alone how to analyze which financial product is best suited to meet their goals or find the best product offer from dozens of financial service providers. House Numbers is aiming to address this gap.”

The financial opportunities available to homeowners have exploded, inclusive of home equity products, mortgage refinancing, short-term rentals, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), home insurance, solar, electrification and minimizing tax burdens to improve their financial picture. The landscape is typically too dynamic and complex for the average homeowner to navigate alone.

Co-founders and serial entrepreneurs, Jeff Levinsohn, Arthur Granado, and Benjamin Hoffman, see a timely opportunity to leverage the latest large language models (LLMs) to guide homeowners to the right home equity product that helps them to achieve their financial goals.

House Numbers unearths tangible, financial opportunities for homeowners across multiple product verticals. The platform makes personalized recommendations by continuously analyzing the changing data about the homeowner’s financial situation, goals and home, and available financial products in the market. House Numbers is the only digital platform that does this across a wide range of home equity products and providers.

"We love that House Numbers was founded by experienced entrepreneurs to tackle a problem affecting tens of millions of Americans and literally trillions of dollars in wealth,” said Raanan Bar-Cohen, partner at Resolute Ventures. “The team at House Numbers is taking a unique approach, leveraging the latest technology to simplify complex decisions and processes to deliver tangible financial benefits to homeowners.”

About House Numbers

House Numbers is the pioneer in Home Wealth Management. We help homeowners gain financial independence by understanding and optimizing their largest asset – their home. There are over 90 million owner-occupied homes in the US, with over $30 trillion dollars in cumulative home equity. At the same time, the financial opportunities available to homeowners have exploded, including home equity products, mortgage refinancing, short term rentals, accessory dwelling units (ADUs), home insurance, solar, electrification, and minimizing taxes. The landscape is too dynamic, complex and important for the average homeowner to navigate themselves. At House Numbers, we leverage the latest technology, personal financial information, stated owner-specific goals and market data to provide highly personalized, actionable opportunities that help homeowners access products that will help improve their financial health. For more information visit

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