Treasure and Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (OTC: BLIS) Launches “Monetization Strategy”; Establishes Global Advertising and Media Team

Newly Formed Team and Strategy designed to Maximize Significant Revenue Opportunities in Media and Advertising for Live Shipwreck Hunting, Asset Sales, and Related Ventures

FT. PIERCE, Fla., July 13, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. ("TSR" or "the Company"), trading as (OTC PINK:BLIS), today announced the launch of their Monetization Strategy, which includes a new venture between several well established media companies to better monetize its business and content. The Company has signed an Operational Agreement with Beverly Hills Productions and BGTV Direct that will combine strengths. through the formation of a global advertising operations team and strategy. The Monetization Strategy supports new revenue opportunities including a TV Docu-series, reality shows, asset sales programming, and even movies.

The potential value of recoverable shipwreck assets is substantial based on proprietary data held by TSR. The new Monetization Strategy should greatly enhance the value of any assets that have been recovered and expected future recoveries. The additional fleet of boats, crew, and equipment announced earlier this year is allowing TSR to aggressively seek value from existing shipwreck sites and make plans for new sites.

TSR CEO, Craig Huffman, stated, “As a valued partner to our media customers, BGTV Direct and Beverly Hills Productions will create various Monetization opportunities that extend our commitment to providing new vertical revenue possibilities that will optimize our various assets that have and will be recovered in the near future. This should truly drive and maximize revenue to greatly increase our bottom line.”

Beverly Hills Productions, a multi-award winning production company was founded by filmmaker Michael P. Nash over a decade ago. In 2010, MovieMaker Magazine named Michael Nash one of the “Top Ten Filmmakers For The Planet”. The Production Company has filmed in over fifty countries around the world and there content have been screened at commercial theaters, television networks, and streamers globally.

Mr. Nash stated, “I grew up along the Treasure Coast of Florida, and recognize the vast dramatic canvas available to showcase shipwreck treasure narratives. Shipwrecks are often shrouded in mystery, offering a blend of historical, cultural, and archaeological elements. The process of exploring these wrecks and uncovering hidden treasures can captivate audiences and provide a unique lens into our past.”

Marvin Baker, President of BGTV Direct, added, “With all of our clients, the one thing that everyone is looking for are new opportunities that their customers haven’t had the opportunity to purchase, but have a lasting value that will only go up over time. As a valued partner to our Live Shopping clients that broadcast on major TV networks in the US and Overseas, this Monetization Strategy extends our commitment to providing our clients with the best products and services to increase the revenue while creating new revenue for Treasure and Shipwreck Recovery. This should truly drive and maximize their gross revenue and profitability.”

About Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery

Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. (Currently trading as BLIS) conducts shipwreck and treasure recovery from shallow shipwreck finds in the Caribbean and North America. Through certain exploration, survey and recovery techniques, we use innovative methods and state-of-the-art technology to provide access to known wreck site areas, as well as plans to explore key suspected large unrecovered wreck sites outside of State of Florida waters. We intend to expand into media projects involving games, television and sales of artifacts using our web development methods and expertise. We now own the following vessels the R/V Bellows large recovery and search vessel, the M/V Bottomline on site recovery vessel, a second on site recovery vessel, a leased survey vessel, and owns two smaller service vessels that service and assist on sites already active and producing.

Treasure & Shipwreck Recovery, Inc. also owns 40% of Kraken Treasure, LLC. whereby an exclusive NFT and gaming project, World of Treasure, has created NFTs of the collection for sale. Such NFT collection will be part of the first "Pirate 888" collection.
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