Nukem Loans (“$NUKEM”) To Launch

RAS AL KHAIMAH, United Arab Emirates, July 16, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nukem Loans, an isolated lending protocol specifically designed for MEME coins, is preparing to launch its unique lending platform this month. The launch has been meticulously planned and will be executed in three phases, involving rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures.

The first phase, known as the "test" phase, is already underway, with the Nukem Loans platform released on the BNB smart chain testnet exclusively to a small group of dedicated community supporters. After incorporating feedback, the second phase of the launch will commence, featuring the production version launch on the BNB smart chain mainnet. Finally, the third and final phase will involve the production launch on the Ethereum network.

The Nukem Loans team recognizes that attracting meme projects and their users to the platform is a crucial aspect of the lending business. Since many meme projects suitable for lending operations implement a transactional tax function on their tokens, the Nukem Loans team is currently engaging in a series of negotiations that will shape the market structure on this exciting new platform. To be listed on the platform and ensure a substantial margin for lenders, borrowers, and liquidators, most projects with this token function will need to whitelist Nukem Loans' vaults.

"With transactional tax ranging from 0.30% to 10% per transaction, the lending business becomes unfeasible, especially in terms of liquidations. Projects will need to whitelist our vaults to have a market on the platform. It's a small sacrifice that I'm confident most projects will make in exchange for free promotion, utility, and hype!" stated community manager Coinsigliere.

About Nukem Loans
Nukem Loans, an isolated lending protocol designed specifically for high-risk meme projects with deep liquidity and large communities. After 18 months of dedicated work and over 50 iterations, Nukem Loans has perfected their smart contracts to revolutionize the industry and empower projects with strong communities but limited utility.

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