Pioneering the Future of Cardiology: PMcardio Joins Forces with Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst in an AI-Driven R&D Partnership

AALST, Belgium, July 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PMcardio, a market leader in AI-powered cardiovascular diagnostics, is thrilled to announce a research and development partnership with the Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst, a world-renowned authority in cardiology. The transformative alliance blends PMcardio's state-of-the-art technology with the globally acclaimed clinical expertise of the Aalst Center, aspiring to unlock new dimensions in cardiac care and improve patient outcomes.

"Bridging the gap between medical technology and patient care, this collaboration emphasises the game-changing role of AI in healthcare and its ability to revolutionise the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular diseases", says Martin Herman, CEO of Powerful Medical, the deep-tech firm behind PMcardio.

PMcardio collaborates with Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst
The partnership represents a strategic step towards accelerating advancements in cardiac care. By harnessing the potential of AI technology, this alliance aims to facilitate rapid research improvements, enabling early disease detection and timely treatment, thereby redefining the current standards of heart care.

Dr. Jozef Bartunek, Co-director of the Cardiovascular Center Aalst, expresses his enthusiasm, “Our R&D partnership with PMcardio aligns perfectly with our continuous efforts to remain at the forefront of cardiovascular innovation and advancing standards of care. We are eager to combine our extensive clinical expertise in advancing PMcardio's progressive AI technology developed on clinically validated data sets, which has shown exceptional potential in ECG diagnostics.”

The AI-powered clinical assistant, PMcardio, allows healthcare professionals to diagnose 38 cardiovascular diseases with cardiologist-level precision in under 5 seconds. This collaboration aspires to enhance this capacity, further empowering medical professionals to deliver swift, accurate, and personalised patient care.

"Our partnership with the Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst enables us to venture deeper into the pioneering territory of healthcare innovation and provides us with access to their extensive clinical research network", explains Dr. Robert Herman, Chief Medical Officer at Powerful Medical. “Together, we aim to expand the AI-powered diagnostic ECG capabilities in early detection of Heart Failure, Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and a host of predictive diagnostics, thereby ushering a new era of cardiac diagnostics and patient care.”

About PMcardio:

PMcardio is the market leader in AI-powered diagnostics, addressing the world's leading cause of death - cardiovascular diseases. The innovative clinical assistant empowers healthcare professionals to diagnose 38 cardiovascular diseases with the precision of a cardiologist. In the form of a smartphone application, the certified Class IIb medical device digitises and interprets any 12-lead ECG in under 5 seconds to provide accurate diagnoses and individualised treatment recommendations tailored to each patient.

PMcardio is now available in Belgium - in English and French languages, as well as other European countries, making it widely accessible to healthcare professionals across the region.

About Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst:

The Cardiovascular Research Center Aalst, a top-tier tertiary, non-university centre in cardiology, provides innovative and comprehensive care for patients with cardiovascular disease. With a commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient care, their work continues to make significant contributions to the field of cardiology worldwide.

Lucia Bojkovska, MA Communications Manager | Powerful Medical

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