Extraordinary Tutoring Opportunity Unveiled by Tutors International: Tailored Primary Education in Sussex

This exceptional opportunity involves delivering tailored primary education to a highly observant 6-year-old girl and her nature-loving 4-year-old brother. The tutor will integrate subjects like music and movement, fostering creativity and confidence while prioritising traditional learning methods over digital technology. 

SUSSEX, UK: Tutors International, renowned for its bespoke educational solutions, is embarking on a global search to recruit an experienced and imaginative tutor for a remarkable role in Sussex (ref: SUS 0723). The rigorous selection process ensures a harmonious match by considering the family's needs, aspirations, and lifestyle.

This position presents a seasoned educator with an exceptional opportunity to deliver a personalised learning experience for a bright and inquisitive 6-year-old girl and her 4-year-old brother. Commencing in September 2023 for an initial term of one year, with the potential for renewal, this role aims to unlock the children's unique strengths and learning requirements, nurturing their academic development and preparing them for future university education.

According to the CEO of Tutors International, "We are dedicated to excellence, collaborating with discerning families worldwide. The ideal candidate for this position must not only meet but exceed the comprehensive specifications outlined by the family. While the expectations are exacting, the rewards for the suitable candidate will be both professionally and personally enriching."

The elder sibling, a vibrant 6-year-old girl, is the focal point of this role. Highly observant and inquisitive, she derives joy from various activities such as horseback riding, skiing, singing, and baking. Her interests also encompass letter writing, memorising read-aloud books, and exploring nature, particularly around animals. Although she encountered a stroke at age 4, mildly affecting her fine and gross motor skills, it has not substantially hindered her day-to-day activities, although certain challenges persist. Her determination to improve her reading and writing skills, coupled with a resilient spirit, propels her forward, unafraid to seek assistance when required.

Having thrived in a Waldorf nursery, the girl found transitioning to her current progressive school arduous due to sensory overload in a larger classroom environment. In light of this, her parents firmly believe that a supportive tutor, employing a hands-on, kinaesthetic approach, will bring out her best qualities.

The girl's 4-year-old brother shares her affinity for nature, fascination with botany and an uncanny sense of smell. He has designed a bamboo irrigation system for his garden and is proficient in gardening. Like his sister, he enjoys singing and reading and actively questions the illustrations within his books. The siblings share a close bond and participate together in speech therapy sessions. While the boy exhibits quickness with shapes and patterns, the girl demonstrates superior writing skills. Both children, raised in an intellectually nurturing home, relish outdoor play, self-expression, and spending time with their pet dog.

The selected tutor should possess a highly cerebral and reflective approach to teaching, having prior experience with primary-aged children. Fluency in French is essential, and proficiency in Italian would be advantageous. Musical inclination, including the ability to play an instrument and integrate music into the learning process, is crucial. A shared passion for the natural world with the children will enhance the learning experience.

The tutor will effectively integrate subjects such as music, art, drama, storytelling, and movement into the curriculum, fostering confidence and creativity in both children. Balancing traditional education with thematic, experiential learning, the tutor will craft a holistic learning experience. A strong emphasis on developing fine motor skills and ensuring ample physical activity throughout the day will be integral to this role.

Organisational and record-keeping skills are paramount, given the varying schedules and locations. The family intends to enrol the children in a half-day Waldorf school primarily for social, emotional, and community aspects. Consequently, the tutor's main responsibility will involve after-school support, tutoring on off days, and full-time homeschooling during travel periods.

The tutor must exhibit warmth, patience, and the ability to nurture and stimulate children academically and beyond. Creative and memorable lessons tailored to the children's interests should be prioritised. Taking advantage of available resources and planning lessons around the family's travel locations is encouraged. The tutor should be genuinely curious and interested in any topic, fostering continuous learning.

While the family recognises the potential educational benefits of technology, they emphasise a preference for traditional, physical learning methods over digital ones, particularly given the girl's potential anxiety-related tendencies. The tutor should prioritise strategies for coping with challenges and emotions that do not involve technology, equipping both children with valuable life skills. When appropriate, the tutor should demonstrate the judicious use of technology in education.

The tutor will engage with the children for an average of 35 hours per week, excluding preparation time. A flexible schedule will be in place, consisting of six shorter days followed by longer periods off, in alignment with the after-school care model. The exact schedule will be determined in collaboration with the client and tutor, subject to location, time of year, and other factors.

A minimum of 9 weeks (45 working days) of holiday per year will be provided, to be agreed upon with the family. The tutor should be adaptable to any changes in schedule related to travel or other circumstances. The family intends to provide at least two weeks' notice for planned alterations.

The family will provide separate accommodation near their home in Sussex or a stipend to cover rental accommodation. During travel, private accommodation will be arranged for the tutor.
Depending on suitability, a car for local use or a public transport allowance will be provided. The client will cover all expenses, excluding the tutor's phone bill and fuel.

The successful candidate will exemplify excellence in education and be a positive role model. Refined, well-mannered, and possessing strong personal values, the tutor should prioritise physical fitness, refrain from smoking, and enthusiastically engage in outdoor activities and sports like skiing.

While the family acknowledges the potential uses of technology in education, they remain mindful of its impact. Therefore, the tutor should promote traditional, physical learning methods until the girl develops robust coping mechanisms for her anxiety.

Given the family's interaction with animals, including a pet dog, the tutor should be comfortable working with domestic animals.

Lastly, the family's commitment to finding the right tutor transcends a 12-month calendar, and they are open to continuing tutoring through the summer if necessary.

Start: September 2023
Duration: 1 year initially, renewable thereafter
Hours: 35+ hours per week, including preparation time
Salary: $180,000 USD per annum
Accommodation: Provided
Car: Provided
Vacation: Minimum 9 weeks per annum

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