Nukem Loans (“$NUKEM”) to Deploy a Lending Market for Pitbull (“$PIT”) Coin

RAS AL KHAIMAH, United Arab Emirates, July 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nukem Loans, an isolated lending protocol specifically designed for MEME coins, is preparing to deploy a Lending Market for Pitbull (PIT) coin. PIT coin is a pitbull-themed meme coin that offers holders a host of features, including the decentralized exchange PitSwap, NFTs, Pit Lottery, Pit Metaverse, and more. With 514,000 holders on the BNB smart chain, PIT currently has a market cap of $11.7 million with $3.8 million of liquidity on PancakeSwap, resulting in a liquidity to market capitalization ratio of approximately 0.325.

DeFiKash, the founder of Nukem Loans, stated, "PIT has great potential for utilizing all the features Nukem Loans offers to create a successful lending market on the BNB smart chain for their project. With over 500,000 token holders and $11.7 million collateral value, borrowers will initially be competing for $1.9 million worth of loans, while lenders can expect very lucrative yields and potential growth in the addressable market for PIT. "Nukem Loans brings FREE HYPE, FREE MARKETING, and FREE UTILITY to PIT coin holders. It is somewhat unfair that holders lose 4% of their holdings when interacting with our vaults, which add significant value to token holders. We believe that the developers of PIT coin should not penalize their users but rather support the addition of value and utility to their community by whitelisting our vault smart contracts in their token contract," explained community manager Coinsigliere.

"Nukem Loans gives token holders a reason to HODL PIT coin by allowing them to take a loan against their collateral value when needed. The leverage function brings more volume and volatility to token trading, which, in turn, increases transactional taxes and the price of the asset, benefiting the community. The community can hedge their risk, trade volatility, or earn passive income by using Nukem Loans," added Coinsigliere.

About Nukem Loans
Nukem Loans, an isolated lending protocol designed specifically for high-risk meme projects with deep liquidity and large communities. After 18 months of dedicated work and over 50 iterations, Nukem Loans has perfected their smart contracts to revolutionize the industry and empower projects with strong communities but limited utility.

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