Lensmart Launches New Campaign: The Summer Flash Sale 2023

In the middle period of July, glasses brand Lensmart launches the summer flash sale. With discounts up to 70% off, the brand provides customers myriads of glasses to upgrade their style in summer.

New York, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glasses Summer Trend 2023

Classic and timeless glasses are all well and good, while people still want something more interesting in a new year as well as this new season. From colorful frames to eye-catching and retro ones, this year's fashion trends embrace various elements altogether. And one may also have some familiar feelings when looking at these glasses.

In summer 2023, the fashion trends come basically with the following styles and shapes of glasses.

The first one is clear glasses. Clear frames have shown the magic and imagination of designers, and they are also popular now with their unisex style. Then is geometric glasses. With the charm of mixed elements, geometric frames can play multiple styles to make one stand out. And last but not least, vintage round glasses comes again with lots of fans. In addition to styles mentioned above, there are still many other types of glasses in trend, so one can learn more about it from the summer flash sale when choosing the best glasses.

Lensmart Summer Flash Sale
In the summer flash sale, Lensmart makes it into five different parts--flash sale, best sellers, sunglasses, just in, and accessories--in order to help visitors find their ideal pairs more quickly. Without any doubt, the main part is the flash sale. All glasses there are at discounts up to 70% off, among which some glasses even down to $6.95/pair. Those glasses in sale are not only affordable, but also enjoy classic and vintage styles. Visitors will get the cheer akin to the scavenger hunt when selecting the right glasses in the sale.

Among all the glasses (over 50 types in all) in flash sale, from clear frames to metal frames, from cat eye glasses to heart-shaped glasses, visitors can pick their summer eyewear carefully to make sure the pair is the right one. Also, a glasses chain will be bundled with an order. Customers can use this accessory to give their glasses a fresh look and even a new outfit.

Best Summer Accessory: Sunglasses
Standing under the glaring sunlight, it's hard to endure the hot summer without any protection. With summer coming in the prime, sunglasses should be the next investment for individuals. Hunting for the right sunglasses is like the art of match and balance. Taking inspiration from fashion icons and fashion trends 2023, Lensmart has selected the perfect summer accessories for customers.

First made their appearance in the 30s, mirrored sunglasses are created to minimize UV rays directly reaching the eye. Today, this type of sunglasses is still in trend. Lensmart has embraced the mirrored sunglasses wholeheartedly, so customers can reach the mirrored sunglasses easily. With the increasing demand of prioritizing health, mirrored sunglasses are the great mix of function and fashion.

For so many years, glasses trends always have something similar in different years. But for those who want to own the unique pair, they have to keep their sunglasses special in order to make a statement. Oversized sunglasses with unique colors are now prevailing. These big frames with statement-making hues can bring customers a sense of triumph since they can make wearers differentiate from others.

Sunglasses with bold design are also stunning in this summer. For instance, geometric chunky frames with cool patterns or color combinations. These styles have the ability to pep up any outfit and bring wearers a straightforward appearance.

In summary, Lensmart summer flash sale collects the styles and types of glasses that are in trend for summer 2023. Visitors have a lot of options to pick their best summer accessory to update their look and style.


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