Seasoned Leader Jim Kean Takes the Helm as CEO of Molecular You for US Expansion

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Molecular You is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jim Kean as CEO to spearhead the company's expansion efforts in the United States. Kean, a highly accomplished leader and long-time advisor to Molecular You, brings a wealth of experience and a passion for transforming the future of personalized healthcare.

With its cutting-edge Health Transparency Platform, Molecular You empowers organizations and individuals with unprecedented insights into current health status and pre-symptomatic disease risk. The company's expansion into the US market under Jim Kean's leadership marks a significant milestone in its mission to reshape the landscape of healthcare.

"Jim Kean's extensive experience and visionary leadership make him the ideal choice to lead Molecular You's expansion in the United States," said Dr. Rob Fraser, founding CEO and current CSO and President of Molecular You. "His deep understanding of the industry and his unwavering commitment to improving individual health outcomes align perfectly with our mission. We are excited to have him on board to drive our growth and impact in the US market."

Before joining Molecular You, Jim Kean served as General Manager for Consumer Platforms at Cambia Health, a pioneering Blue Cross Blue Shield insurer. In this role, he led the development of a cutting-edge omni-channel consumer engagement platform, setting the stage for the next generation of healthcare experiences. Later, Kean took on the role of General Manager of Value Management, where he spearheaded population health analytics initiatives to drive better health outcomes.

A true innovator and entrepreneur, Jim Kean founded WellnessFx™, a venture-backed San Francisco-based company, with a mission to simplify and make healthcare more accessible for consumers. By providing affordable, profile-driven access to targeted health content, diagnostic and telehealth services, and HIPAA-secure storage, WellnessFx™ enabled individuals to take control of key areas of their health. Under Kean's leadership, the company was named the 2012 Innovative Company of the Year by the Nutritional Business Journal. In December 2013, WellnessFx™ merged with Thorne Healthtech to further advance its mission.

Jim Kean's groundbreaking achievements in the healthcare industry began in 1995 when he founded Sapient Health Network (SHN), which later became the consumer-facing business of WebMD. As the President of SHN, Kean pioneered the concept of online consumer health communities, building some of the largest and most loyal groups on the web. SHN's service was even recognized as one of the "Seven Best Websites of 1998" by Business Week. Following the merger of SHN, WebMD, the current version of WebMD emerged, with over 23 million consumers visiting the platform monthly for health advice. Kean's entrepreneurial journey continued as he served as the Entrepreneur in Residence with Alloy Ventures of Palo Alto.

"I am honored to join Molecular You at this pivotal moment and lead its US expansion," said Jim Kean, newly appointed CEO of Molecular You. "Our Health Transparency Platform will revolutionize healthcare with deeper insight into pre-symptomatic health, empowering individuals to take control of their health and enabling organizations to predict future health risks and costs. I am passionate about making a positive impact on people's lives, and I believe Molecular You's technology will play a transformative role in the US healthcare landscape."

With Jim Kean at the helm, Molecular You is poised to transform the US healthcare industry, enabling organizations to understand and predict the future health of their population, driving down healthcare costs. Kean's expertise and strategic insights will be instrumental in accelerating Molecular You's growth and establishing the Health Transparency Platform as the gold standard for population healthcare.

About Molecular You:
Molecular You is a leading predictive health analytics company focused on transforming healthcare through its innovative Health Transparency Platform. By analyzing over 250 biomarkers, including metabolomic, proteomic, and exposomic data, Molecular You gains a comprehensive understanding of an individual's molecular profile. Leveraging data science algorithms and AI models, they uncover hidden insights and accurately assess health risks, enabling early interventions and disease prevention. Their approach empowers individuals with actionable recommendations and engages organizations in improving population health and reducing healthcare costs. With Molecular You, the future of healthcare is transparent, predictive, and focused on maximizing individual health outcomes.

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