Online Nutrition Consultancy John Gaule Nutrition Launches New Website

Waterford, Ireland, July 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Online nutrition consultancy, John Gaule Nutrition, is excited to announce the launch of its new website, which is designed to help individuals take control of their nutrition by providing them with the tools to reach their performance and nutrition goals sustainably.

Specialising in sports nutrition and body composition, John Gaule Nutrition serves a global audience of English speakers and works with a wide variety of people and athletes in different sports including team sports and endurance sports such as marathons, triathlons and more.

Founder of John Gaule Nutrition, John Gaule, said, “My mission is to provide you with tailored nutrition & lifestyle advice. This means my coaching & advice adapts to YOUR routine so that you can reach your goals sustainably.”

With a master’s in Food, Nutrition and Health from University College Dublin, over the years, John Gaule has used his expertise to help over 250 clients with a variety of issues, such as:

  • Body Composition
  • Sports Performance (amateurs and pros)
  • Relationship with Food
  • Digestive Issues
  • Hormone-related issues (Hypothalamic amenorrhea, PCOS, PMS and more)
  • Lifestyle (energy, sleep and libido)

His new website, John Gaule Nutrition (, offers individuals several different online coaching options; these are:

One-to-One Online Coaching

With the option of a 12-week or 24-week plan, the one-to-one online coaching service provided at John Gaule Nutrition aims to help individuals to create sustainable habits around their daily routine and to find a long-term sustainable system that yields their desired results.

Both of the online packages include the following:

  • An introduction video call with John
  • A tailored nutrition approach with some recommended lifestyle adjustments (where applicable)
  • A weekly check-in form where soon after, clients will receive their weekly feedback either via email or video (Replies to check-ins are received within 24 hour – 48 hours)
  • Unlimited email access for any questions that occur outside of their weekly check-in. (Emails are responded to within 24-48 hours also).
  • An (optional) video/phone call with John every 2-4 weeks (Clients are generally happy to go every 4 weeks, but if they feel they would benefit more from having a call every 2 weeks, then that can also be arranged).

“Learning how your body functions, how it responds to your nutrition, creating sustainable habits around your own routine and seeing results  – all take time,” said John Gaule. “Most importantly, finding a system together that works for you in the long term is a process in itself. The main reason why my clients, to date, have not only achieved their goals but maintained them is by creating a sustainable system. Building this system does not happen overnight. It is the accumulation of small, daily habits over time that will yield you your results in a sustainable fashion.”

Once-off Online Consultation

John Gaule Nutrition also offers a once-off online 1-hour consultation and starting plan. This is primarily for individuals who already have a strong grasp of their own nutrition but just need some guidance in the right direction.

During the call, the individual’s goals, current nutrition and lifestyle habits will be discussed; following this, they will then receive a bespoke nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation plan.

Corporate Nutrition Workshops and Talks

If organisations are searching for expert nutrition and/or health and well-being seminars in sporting and corporate settings, John Gaule Nutrition can provide talks that help maximise teams’ or athletes’ performance using nutritional and lifestyle suggestions that give them the edge on their opponents come game day.

This service has also proven successful in boosting the performance and work effectiveness of employees in small and large companies, as well as helping to improve employees’ overall health and well-being.

“If your employees have the support and tools at their disposal to combat their nutritional and lifestyle banana skins, then they can steer their lives towards a healthier and happier version of themselves and enhance their productivity at work,” stated John Gaule.

Sports Nutrition Coaching

John Gaule Nutrition creates customised nutrition plans based on individual’s needs, including training schedules, body composition and nutritional preferences to help them maximise their sports performance.

Some of the benefits of opting for John Gaule Nutrition’s tailored sports nutrition coaching include improving speed, strength and endurance, speeding up recovery after training and injury and having better concentration and focus.

More information

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