Coinstore Singapore Joins Forces with SQUID Game Token for an Unparalleled Decentralized Experience

Singapore, July 20, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SQUID Game Token is a groundbreaking decentralized token that has taken the crypto world by storm. Coinstore Singapore is proud to support the launch of this exceptional token, which prioritizes security and trust to create an environment of unwavering confidence for its dedicated community. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ongoing pursuit of building a trusted and transparent cryptocurrency ecosystem.

At the core of SQUID Game Token lies an unprecedented level of security, ensuring protection against rug pulls and fraudulent activities. The token's resilience has been independently audited by the renowned Coinsult team, further solidifying the trust and peace of mind of its community members. We stand behind SQUID Game Token's commitment to delivering a secure and reliable token ecosystem.

One notable safety measure within the SQUID Game Token's smart contract is the implementation of a unique transfer limit. This mechanism restricts the transfer of tokens from the Marketing Wallet and Development Wallet to a maximum of 10 million SQUID tokens per 24-hour period. This measure effectively prevents large-scale token dumps that could negatively impact the market and harm token holders.

The Development Wallet itself is hardcoded to be locked for an entire year, exemplifying the steadfast dedication and long-term vision of the SQUID project. This unwavering commitment demonstrates our shared belief in the potential and future success of SQUID Game Token.

Furthermore, the renounced smart contract adds an extra layer of security to SQUID Game Token. Renouncing the contract means that even the creators cannot make any modifications to the token's core features, providing reassurance to holders that SQUID remains secure and unalterable.

The transparency of SQUID Game Token extends to its design, with no hidden taxes or additional minting. This straightforward and transparent approach ensures that our community can trust in the integrity of the token and its long-term viability. The launch of SQUID Game Token on Ethereum is set to take place this Friday, promising to make waves in the blockchain world.

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