Low-Income Americans Receive Record $84 Million in Tax Relief in Nationwide AmeriCorps Effort

National service agency’s programs activated a network of tax assistance across the country to help more than 113,000 receive benefits and relief

WASHINGTON, DC, July 21, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AmeriCorps, the federal agency for volunteerism and national service, assisted more than 113,000 low-income Americans with tax preparation in 2023 across 130 cities, returning more than $84 million back to eligible families. AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP and AmeriCorps NCCC programs activated volunteers and members to assist families through what can be a difficult process, ensuring individuals received all benefits they were eligible for. 

“The dedication of AmeriCorps members and AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers helped to put hard-earned money back in the pockets of those who need it most,” said Michael D. Smith, CEO, AmeriCorps. “AmeriCorps leveraged ongoing relationships in underserved communities to connect more than 113,000 Americans with critical financial assistance, returning millions of dollars to hard working families.” 

"We know that for many families, the spring tax refund is the largest single check they will get in a year,” said Nathan Davis, senior director, Tax Help Colorado, Mile High United Way. “We also know that any hiccup or error that delays that refund has real consequences in terms of a missed rent or mortgage payment, a skipped or downsized meal, or needing to ask a family member or friend for money. It’s why we do what we do and why we take our work so seriously.” 

AmeriCorps NCCC empowers young adults to positively impact communities while gaining leadership skills. Last tax season, members assisted families across the country with tax preparation, including child tax credit, earned income tax credit and dependent care tax credit claims.  

During the 2023 tax season, members helped to return nearly $15 million to local communities through tax returns. Ten teams across all four AmeriCorps NCCC regions activated 88 members to engage in assisting families. The teams completed more than 13,000 tax returns for more than 11,000 individuals. One project in Denver, Colo., helped 2,288 people and returned more than $2.9 million to eligible Americans by completing 1,525 tax returns. 

"Community organizations often request our people power to help American families maximize their tax returns," said Ken Goodson, director, AmeriCorps NCCC. "For Volunteer Income Tax Assistance programs, their ability to return as much money as possible is contingent upon having as much support as possible. AmeriCorps often becomes that people-power." 

AmeriCorps Seniors enables Americans aged 55 and older to serve in their local communities. AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP tax preparation programs activated 1,890 volunteers this tax season to help more than 100,000 Americans. Each volunteer served more than 50 individuals with tax preparation services. The volunteers generated more than $69 million in 2022 tax returns. 

“AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers provided invaluable tax preparation assistance to more than 101,000 Americans in need help during the 2023 tax season,” said Atalaya Sergi, director, AmeriCorps Seniors. “RSVP programs across the country activated their skilled and talented AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers to support families, individuals, veterans and military families, making sure they received the critical tax benefits they were entitled to receive.” 

"Of course, volunteer tax preparation can only have the impact that the volunteer base allows, and there's always a degree of unpredictability with that: where and when and how often are volunteers going to sign up for shifts?” said Davis. “Our partnership with AmeriCorps takes the guesswork out of that equation and lets us be where the need is greatest and the services are fewest.”  

Learn more about service and volunteering in your community at AmeriCorps.gov/NCCC or AmeriCorps.gov/Seniors.  


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