Introducing TechnoNXT, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions’ proprietary Technology Monitoring and Consulting Service

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is excited to announce its technology monitoring and consulting service, TechnoNXT, which provides curated, relevant, and targeted insights to keep clients on top of technology advancements and market disruption

Middleton, Massachusetts, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, a global strategic market research & consulting firm, is excited to announce the launch of its technology monitoring and consulting service, TechnoNXT. It is designed to help vendors in the ICT industry with curated, relevant, and targeted insights and keep clients abreast of future technology advancements and market disruptions. What sets TechnoNXT apart is its alignment with vendor-specific needs. With continuous monitoring, vendors can get insights into technology innovation, product launches, and social media monitoring. It provides aggregated details of competitor monitoring, mergers, and acquisitions, future industry collaborations, news of current funding and investments along with signal analysis.

Through customized consulting, we also investigate company profiles and new use cases, best practices, and success stories. TechnoNXT analyses potential target
audiences to keep a lookout for the current status of market traction, offers industry and organization-specific reports to support vendors, that will help in gain a competitive edge.

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Our goals with TechnoNXT are clear: 

  • Understand the vendor landscape of a specific market in great detail.
  • Identifying emerging use cases early that are relevant to industry and organization-specific needs.
  • Continuous coverage of relevant and targeted signals, precise graphical categorization of technology updates, monthly reports on insights and developments along with personalized briefing through NXT Connects.

According to Vikrant Bhongle, Manager, TechnoNXT, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions “In the market, numerous signals are available, but only a very few (5%-10%) of those are relevant for your business. We have identified this gap and come up with TechnoNXT, where we curate, analyse and process the signals so that you can develop the technology roadmap for yourself. We support our clients to design and develop innovative products based on early-stage signals on technology advancement along with identifying innovative use cases around specific business needs. TechnoNXT also offers totally customized projects to fulfil your requirements for business growth. Our aim is to assist our clients win major million/billion dollar deals, innovate the product portfolio as per the need of the market and support customized research work.
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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global strategic market research & consulting firm focused on helping clients as a strategic knowledge partner in achieving business transformation goals with Strategic Business and Growth Advisory Services. Quadrant’s research and consulting deliverables are designed to provide comprehensive information and strategic insights for helping clients formulate growth strategies to survive and thrive in ever-changing business environments.    

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