Auradine Unveils World’s First 4nm Bitcoin Mining Systems with Highest Performance and Breakthrough EnergyTune™ Technology

  • Auradine’s Teraflux™ systems deliver best-in-class performance, efficiency, and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • EnergyTune™ enables rapid demand response and optimal energy usage for electrical grids
  • Teraflux™ product line is designed & manufactured in the US and provides increased supply chain resiliency

SILICON VALLEY, Calif., July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Auradine, a leader in web infrastructure solutions including blockchain, AI, and privacy today announced the launch of its Teraflux™ product range of bitcoin miners. The game-changing Teraflux™ family is powered by the world’s first 4nm silicon chip technology for bitcoin mining designed by the Auradine team in the US. Auradine’s comprehensive range of Teraflux systems includes air-cooled, single-phase, and dual-phase immersion cooling miners. The systems will ship to early access customers in Q3 with production volumes starting in Q4 2023.

Bitcoin has proven to be the most secure and decentralized digital asset over the last decade with the highest adoption. Today, over 35% of global bitcoin mining happens in the United States, but a significant majority of system solutions are designed and/or manufactured in Asia leading to supply chain risks from geo-political and other factors. Additionally, mining operators are locating themselves close to energy sources in harsh environments, to utilize wasted or excess energy in variable demand-supply situations.

The Auradine team leveraged their proven expertise in semiconductor design, software engineering, and high-performance, telco-grade systems to develop the Teraflux™ family. Teraflux™ systems enable a secure global ‘Bitcoin 3.0’ blockchain that can provide stability to the mismatched demand and supply needs of the energy ecosystem, drive the growth of renewable infrastructure, and enable grid modernization.

The Teraflux™ bitcoin miner family delivers several compelling benefits to the Bitcoin industry, including:

  • Unrivaled speed and efficiency: world’s fastest air-cooled system performance with hash rates up to 185 TH/s and up to 3x higher hashing density (TH/s per unit volume) immersion miners, delivering significant capex benefits.
  • EnergyTune™ innovation: patent pending technology that allows miners to dynamically adjust the energy consumption and bitcoin hash rate based on demand response needs of the electrical grids.
  • Superior uptime and TCO: designed to operate under harsh conditions at data center scale including ability to operate air-cooled miners up to 50°C ambient, boot-up in sub-zero temperatures, and maintain operations without reboots.

Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings, mentioned “the Teraflux™ range enables us to rapidly drive improved demand response at a fleet level that is critical to our mining operations. Auradine’s team experience in developing high performance systems with a focus on reliability and uptime along with the ability to source a US based supply was important in our decision to move forward with the Teraflux™ products.”

“We are excited to be launching Teraflux™ as our first product line supporting Bitcoin being a responsible partner to the energy ecosystem, along with strong customer traction. Our focus continues to be on innovation, scalability, and sustainability. We are continuing work to drive the next generation of internet infrastructure across blockchain, AI, and privacy,” said Rajiv Khemani, Co-Founder and CEO of Auradine.

Auradine has developed a comprehensive partnership ecosystem for the Teraflux™ range including open API’s to enable simple and rapid deployability. This includes:

  • FluxVision™ as a comprehensive cloud-based solution with UI’s for managing the miners at data center scale including UI’s for EnergyTune and AutoTune.
  • Open API’s for connecting into in-house or third-party miner management systems.
  • Integration with major fleet management software solutions from Foreman and Awesome Miner, a product from IntelliBreeze Software AB.

“It has been a pleasure to have been working closely with Auradine’s engineering team on a smooth integration using FluxVision API’s to ensure a powerful offering for mining customers,” Patrik Engström, CEO of IntelliBreeze Software AB, indicated.

In May of this year, Auradine secured $81 million in Series A funding led by Celesta Capital and Mayfield. The funding has fueled Auradine's mission to power the future of web infrastructure and unlock the full potential of digitized assets.

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