Ultisim Unveils New TalkEngine for AI-Driven Interactive Simulations at SparkNC Tech Creatives Summit

Harnessing generative AI and 3D simulation, TalkEngine is enabling a new generation of educational apps that can engage with and mentor students to speed their mastery of skills

Chapel Hill, NC, July 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ultisim is previewing its new Ultisim TalkEngine(™) today at the SparkNC Tech Creatives Summit, which highlights innovations in helping North Carolina learners to prepare for high-tech careers. The event runs July 25 – 26, 2023, at the North Carolina State University James B. Hunt Jr. Library in Raleigh, NC.

Combining the latest advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning with leading-edge gaming technology and three-dimensional (3D) simulation, TalkEngine lets users interact with virtual characters, see their body language and emotions, and have deep conversations. It is powering a new generation of educational applications designed to engage with and mentor students to speed their mastery of skills, which will begin rolling out for the 2023/2024 academic year. 

“When we allowed players to chat with game characters for the first time with Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic in 1997, we saw the tremendous potential to improve learning with virtual intelligent tutors, which we’ve applied to corporate training,” said Richard Boyd, Ultisim founder and chief executive officer. “Now using the latest advances in ChatGPT generative AI and machine-learning with our gaming and 3D simulation technology in Ultisim TalkEngine, we’re able to bring highly accessible and affordable, personalized, interactive learning experiences to K-12 and higher education students, alike.”

“One of our top priorities is breaking down the education gaps that have only widened in the past few years,” added Linda Bernard, Ultisim chief operating officer and chief education officer. “With Ultisim TalkEngine, we’re enabling intelligent virtual characters to interact with students in meaningful ways anywhere they have access to a web browser, whether using a computer, tablet, or their mobile phone.”

Early Application Preview at SparkNC Event
Ultisim TalkEngine is being unveiled as part of a demonstration of TEAMLAB(™), a new cloud application that helps students master communications, collaboration, and other professional skills they’ll need to succeed in the workforce. A joint development between Ultisim and District C, TEAMLAB lets students interact with 3D anime-like characters, who not only respond with answers but also pointers on how to hone their skills. The app can be accessed via any computer or mobile web browser, helping to ensure availability to students at all economic levels.

“Students need technical skills to succeed in today’s economy, but we know that’s not enough. Just as important are the durable, human skills needed to work productively with teammates to solve complex problems,” explained Dan Gonzalez, chief executive officer at District C. “We’re thrilled to partner with SparkNC and Ultisim to offer TEAMLAB. This product provides students with a low-risk, engaging environment where they can interact with 3D characters—including a simulated coach—to develop teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. We’ve also added walled discussions and strong cybersecurity to ensure that students are protected at all times during the experience.” 

TEAMLAB featuring the Ultisim TalkEngine will be presented by Ultisim and District C at two SparkNC immersive tech breakout sessions titled, How AI Simulation Can Help You Develop Professional Skills, being held on July 25, at 10:30 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

“Ultisim and District C are valued partners in our work to bring new, learner-centered career pathways to public education," said Joe Ableidinger, SparkNC executive director. "Their demonstration of TEAMLAB with Ultisim TalkEngine at our SparkNC Tech Creatives Summit is a significant milestone in creating those pathways. We look forward to making TEAMLAB available to students in the 16 learning labs opening this summer in our partner districts and eventually across North Carolina.”

About Ultisim
Ultisim is moving the world toward interactive, three-dimensional, real-time data visualization, analytics and simulation learning empowered by augmented and virtual reality. Based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the company brings together a unique combination of leading-edge gaming technology, simulation, artificial intelligence, and education/training expertise. Founded by executives from Lockheed Martin and IBM, Ultisim leverages proven expertise in integrating hardware and software to build fully immersive 3D simulation experiences that solve real-world problems.

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TEAMLAB is a trademark of District C. TalkEngine is a trademark of Ultisim.


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