Yamaha Unveils New Sport Touring Flagship TRACER® 9 GT+

Along with Updated Ténéré® 700 & Additional 2024 Models

MARIETTA, Ga., July 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. is proud to announce the latest entry to its Sport Touring range, the 2024 TRACER 9 GT+, boasting an entire suite of rider aids and technological advances designed to propel it to the flagship position of the range. The new TRACER 9 GT+ is a technological juggernaut, starting with a groundbreaking new Adaptive Cruise Control and radar-linked Unified Brake System, along with semi-active suspension, integrated riding modes, lean-sensitive rider aids and new smartphone connectivity, it offers a level of sophistication unmatched in its class.

“We are excited to mark the return of the much-lauded TRACER 9 to the model lineup in the form of this extremely advanced new 2024 TRACER 9 GT+,” said Derek Brooks, Yamaha Motorsports Motorcycle Product Line Manager. “Already offering an incredibly sporty riding experience with its thrilling 890cc CP3® inline-triple engine, well-sorted lightweight chassis and semi-active suspension, the new TRACER GT®+ ups the level of capability and comfort significantly with a long list of features that make it equally adept at attacking canyon twisties as it is tackling a multi-state tour.”

It starts with the new Millimeter Wave Radar unit which constantly measures distance to vehicles ahead, enabling Yamaha’s first Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and radar-linked Unified Brake Systems (UBS). Working much like the advanced Adaptive Cruise Control found in some automobiles, when activated the system automatically controls cruising speed, deceleration and acceleration to match the speed of the vehicle in front in order to maintain a constant following distance based on four adjustable pre-sets. ACC brings a new level of comfort and confidence to highway riding, requiring fewer rider inputs for reduced fatigue and improving ride quality by smoothly and seamlessly maintaining a constant following distance.

As the world’s first motorcycle to adopt the innovative new radar-linked Unified Brake System, the TRACER 9 GT+ utilizes data from the Millimeter Wave Radar and its six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to assist the rider’s braking input when the distance to the vehicle in front closes to a certain level while simultaneously adjusting front/rear braking bias and front/rear suspension damping force for a higher degree of braking efficiency and handling. If the vehicle ahead is determined to be too close for the given brake pressure, the system assists by adding more braking force. The system will only provide braking assistance when the Brake Control (BC) feature is turned ON and the rider is braking—it is not a collision avoidance system. Additionally, when BC is on the system includes cornering brake control which automatically adjusts braking force to inhibit tire slippage when the machine is leaned over.

The TRACER 9 GT+’s advanced six-axis IMU provides data to the engine control unit (ECU) to enable the Traction Control System (TCS), Slide Control System (SCS) and the front-wheel LIFt control system (LIF). A Brake Control System is controlled by the Hydraulic Control Unit (separate unit from ECU) which modulates front and rear brake pressure based on data from the IMU as well as the front and rear wheel speed sensors. All systems work together seamlessly to help the rider concentrate on better extracting the machine’s potential. Each of the systems can also be turned on or off, and the TCS, SCS and LIF can have their levels of intervention adjusted to preference.

Adding further capability and comfort, the TRACER 9 GT+ comes equipped with the new generation KYB® Actimatic Damper System® (KADS) electronically controlled suspension. Developed jointly with KYB®, it provides sporty performance together with an extremely comfortable ride. Utilizing data from the six-axis IMU which constantly monitors vehicle dynamics from various sensors, the Suspension Control Unit (SCU) adjusts damping forces to suit prevailing riding conditions. The semi-active suspension also operates in conjunction with the Adaptive Cruise Control and Unified Brake System.

The 2024 TRACER 9 GT+ also comes standard with Yamaha’s third generation quickshifter, enabling quick, clutchless up and down gear changes during both acceleration and deceleration for a wider range of functionality and more flexibility in riding style. It also works in conjunction with the new Adaptive Cruise Control, allowing riders to change gears without disengaging Cruise Control.

For an enhanced rider experience, an all-new full color seven-inch TFT meter features a high luminosity display for rich, clear easy-to-read information on real-time running conditions. Riders have the choice of three different screen layouts, each with its own distinctive style to match individual preferences and riding conditions. A USB-A outlet is also provided below the meter for smartphone connection.

And for an advanced level of connectivity, riders can now link their smartphone, and accessory Bluetooth®, directly to the new TRACER 9 GT+ to make and receive phone calls or control music. Additionally, by downloading the free Yamaha MyRide-Link app, riders can expand these functions to receive weather information, receive text messages and access a range of additional features. Finally, by downloading the Garmin® Motorize app, riders can also access full screen turn-by-turn navigation on the TFT display through a subscription service (requires separate payment of subscription fees). All functions are operated by an intuitive new joystick on the left handlebar switchgear and displayed in rich, full color on the new high-luminosity TFT meter.

Along with all these advanced features, TRACER 9 GT+ continues to utilize the world-renowned crossplane crankshaft 890cc CP3® engine which provides the type of broad, linear torque and thrilling power character that's perfect for Sport Touring. Mated to the powerful inline triple, Yamaha’s proprietary CF (controlled filling) aluminum die-cast frame is based on its Hyper Naked MT-09® sibling for an optimized balance of rigidity and light weight, ensuring both agile handling and rock-solid handling in a range of conditions. Yamaha-exclusive spin forging technology also provides the TRACER 9 GT+ with strong, lightweight wheels that reduce unsprung weight, further adding to the agile handling character.

Finally, a laundry list of new and returning convenience features including a large, 10-level adjustable windscreen, height-adjustable seat with new padding and cover material, adjustable footpegs, 10-level heated grips, side case stays with built-in dampers, and advanced cornering lights all ensure a premium level of convenience, comfort and capability.

The new 2024 Yamaha TRACER 9 GT+ will be available from dealers in August 2023 in a premium Storm Gray two-tone colorway for $16,499 MSRP.

New 2024 Ténéré 700

Combining light weight, simplicity, exceptional off-road capability and unmatched Yamaha reliability, the Ténéré 700 has quickly become a favorite among adventure enthusiast around the world. New for 2024, Yamaha has added some key updates to the popular Ténéré 700 designed to keep it at the top of the middleweight Adventure category.

Updates begin with a rich new five-inch color TFT display. With functionality controlled by a new scrolling dial on the right handlebar, the new display offers two different screen themes—a modern dynamic design and a more traditional look reminiscent of the analog era.

The new 2024 Ténéré 700 also features Yamaha Y-Connect smartphone connectivity, which works in conjunction with the free-of-charge Y-Connect® app (available for iOS and Android) to enable a direct connection between motorcycle and smartphone. Y-Connect capability for the Ténéré 700 includes the ability to receive incoming text and phone call notifications on the new five-inch color TFT display. Additional useful functions include the ability to track and record key motorcycle ride data within the app, including distance covered, average fuel consumption, top speed, and much more.

Another new feature for 2024 is the addition of a new ABS mode. Instead of the previous model’s ON/OFF ABS selection, the new model now features three-mode selectable ABS allowing riders to choose their preferred level of braking intervention. MODE 1 is the ABS fully activated on both front and rear wheels; MODE 2 enables ABS on front wheel only and turns ABS off on rear wheel; and MODE 3 turns ABS off on both front and rear wheel.

Additional updates include new front and rear LED turn signals, along with prewiring for the installation of Yamaha's accessory Quick Shifter.

The new 2024 Yamaha Ténéré 700 will be available in either Team Yamaha Blue arriving to dealers in September, 2023 or Shadow Gray arriving to dealers in October, 2023 for $10,799 MSRP.

Additional Returning 2024 Models

Along with the new 2024 TRACER 9 GT+ and 2024 Ténéré 700, Yamaha is also announcing the XT®250 for $5,399, TW200 for $4,999, and the 2024 Super Ténéré® ES (Pricing TBD) will return unchanged for 2024.

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