New Movie and Show Recommendation App Pixi+ Launches Waitlist for Early Access

Pixi+ looks to help over 100 million American households easily find what to watch next.

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pixi+ (“Pixi Plus”), owned by Pixi Plus Inc., announces the launch of its official website and waitlist for early access at:

Pixi+, launching on Android and iOS, promises to be the only app users will ever need to find the next great movie or show to stream.

“By giving users personalized recommendations across all of their streaming services in a single app, Pixi+ makes it easy and painless to find what to watch,” explains Founder and CEO Brett Bergen. “The app also helps users quickly find something everyone will love when watching with friends, with family, or on date night.”

Recent research by Neilsen, Accenture, Deloitte, and Blue Wave Consulting reveal the extent of the problem Pixi+ aims to solve: nearly 60% of streamers are frustrated when searching for what movies or shows to watch, with almost half of Americans reporting they feel simply overwhelmed by choices. The majority of streamers in the U.S., and worldwide, report that they want more personalized content, and want to find what they’re looking for in just one place.

“The last thing we want to do after working, parenting, or studying all day is to put in even more work figuring out how to relax,” says Bergen. “With Pixi+, we can finally say goodbye to painful search experiences, and find exactly the kind of movie or show we’re looking for in the moment. No matter where it’s streaming, or who we’re watching with.”

With over 85% of American households streaming, each averaging four paid streaming services, and watching approximately 3 hours of TV per day, Pixi+ seeks to end the pain that nearly 200 million American streamers experience every week.

Pixi+ completed its initial version (or beta) in late June 2023, ahead of schedule. These developments follow Pixi+ winning an international app idea competition by in March 2023, and welcoming Co-Founder and CTO Marvin Miao Wang to the team in the Spring of this year.

“We’re now entering the next, exciting phase of getting the word out, and exploring our options to finance the first 18 months of operations post-launch,” says Bergen.

Pixi+ intends to first launch in the United States, and then expand internationally.



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