Pegasus Acquisition Company Europe B.V. | Update on liquidation process and final distribution

Amsterdam, July 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pegasus Acquisition Company Europe B.V. (“Pegasus Europe” or the “Company”) provides the following update on its liquidation process.

In accordance with the timetable approved at the Company’s AGM on 2 May 2023, a first pre-liquidation distribution was distributed to all eligible Shareholders of Units and Class A Ordinary Shares on 11 May 2023 for an amount of EUR 10.027 per share. A second and final distribution is due following the confirmation received on 27 July 2023 from the court that no creditors have opposed the Company’s liquidation.

As a final step, the Company is currently in discussions with the tax authorities to determine its final VAT treatment which might lead to either a VAT refund from the authorities or a payment from the Company. The decision of the authorities is expected in Q3 2023.

In the interest of shareholders, Pegasus Europe will therefore pay a final liquidation distribution once the authorities have made this decision rather than liquidate the Company in advance. The final liquidation distribution will represent an additional and final amount of approximately EUR 0.02 per share if the authorities agree a VAT refund, and of approximately EUR 0.01 cent per share if they do not.

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